Only Green Toys?

Leighanna - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Is anyone here strict about keeping all toys in their home "green"? If so- how do you keep up with that standard, when other well-meaning people buy ordinary toys for your kids?

It seems like a nightmare to try to keep up with all the recalls, especially if you or someone well-meaning bought something from a yard sale or consignment store.

Another question: how should I politely ask people not to buy dollar-store items for my kids? They're always cheap and easily breakable, and often it's dollar-store kids items that contain lead or cadmium.



Crystal - posted on 01/26/2010




I consider yard sale and consignment stores to be partly green, since buying toys/clothing that way a) reduces the demand for the production of more new items and b) reduces the amount of wasteful packaging that comes when buying new. But you are right in regards to keeping up with recalls...nearly impossible!
As far as gifts that other people buy your kids, I've tried to approach it a couple of ways. First and foremost, I talk to grandparents and aunts and uncles about the values that I'm trying to teach my child, and that owning lots of "stuff" and toys is not part of that value, but saving, reusing, reducing, and recycling are. This way they either give money to put into my sons saving account, or understand when they buy toys that green is the way to go in our house. Secondly, when I host a birthday party for my son I let people know that we are here to celebrate my sons age with good food and friends, not with stuff, so presents are not necessary, but if they do want to give something books and clothes are best.
Good luck, I know not everyone understands these values, but it's definitely worth it! I'd rather explain to my child now that he only gets 1 present for his birthday because so much consumerism hurts our planet, than explain to him in 20 years why our generation and generations before us destroyed the world he now has to live in.

Tessa - posted on 01/15/2010




I ask for no toys and to instead invest in books and puzzles for my kids. The other option I give is clothing and I wash the new items thoroughly before letting the kids wear them. One other thing I have tried is asking for cotton material or sewing store vouchers so I can make items for the kids. I love to sew.


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Button Tree - posted on 05/16/2014




It's tough to have ALL eco-friendly toys, but it's good to put a focus on them! Classic toys from reputable brands are the way to go. If it's a birthday party, we don't always have control over what guest's bring, but you could put a note on the invite that says you're going green? We're huge fans of the brand, Green Toys ( and Hape ( Sometimes just letting family know what brands your kid's like is helpful because they want to get them something they'll actually play with and shh, mom likes that it's eco-friendly too! Best of luck. Good question!

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