bullying in the second grade.

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I am a mother of a second grader she comes home crying saying that some of the kids in her class are men and teasing her. what do I do to protect my child from this? do I teach her to do to them what they are doing to her? and I cant understand her because I am not like that she cares what people think and say about her have told her to ignore it but its not working, should I say something to the children and the parents of the children? help


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Malkeeyah -

Find out from your daughter when and where the harrassment is happening...on the bus or at school.

Speak privately to the teacher if it is at school. If it is happening on the bus, I remember our principal riding our bus home when there was trouble. Make sure the school is on board with not allowing harrassment. Have the teacher or principal speak to the parents of the troublemakers. If the troublemakers are not stopped in second grade, can you imagine how out of hand it will get when they go to middle school?

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I would definitely talk to her teacher so that maybe she can solve the problem. If that doesn't work, I would go to the principal. There is way too much bullying in school. I know there was when I was younger but it seems like it's getting worse. Our children shouldn't have to deal with kids like that. If I knew the parents, I would also mention the problem to them. I hope they quit picking on her soon.


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Well my son is in 3rd grade and we had a simular problem in 2nd grade with a boy whom he thought was is friend. We told him to try different appoarches, but then we just had to go to the teacher and get the parents involved. Unforunately you may have to go right to the teacher oer parent.

Good luck,

Marian in Maryland

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Bullies are serious bad news for the children getting picked on.Your daughter can't learn when she doesn't feel comfortable. I had to switch to an online school for my daughter after bully threats.Only other solution starts with the teacher and working your way up till the school deals with it.

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I have a second grader that went through that last year in first grade. I called the teacher/principal/administration every time my daughter came home upset and after they saw that I wouldn't tolerate it they finally began to discipline that child. Sounds like we are quite the same. I also don't care wht people think of me, but it matters to my child and that's important.

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I am from Ohio but, have moved to Germany. I have three children that are half American and half German. I send my children to school thinking that any day they could be subject to racial problems. So far, so good. My oldest child is attending the 3rd grade. I have a son in the 1st grade. He's incredibly smart. His teacher has been to our home to explain to us that she believes we should consider having him be placed into the 2nd grade. My husband thinks he should stay in the 1st, feeling that he may miss out on certain parts of his schooling which are critical. He would also be the youngest in the new class, exploiting him to new circumstances and pressures when he really is only going to school to learn. In Germany, like with the USA there are some stundents (children) who go too far and shoot in the schools. To prevent violence and abuse; mentally or physically the schools have sent the children home with a leaflet explaining how to handle MOBBING situations. This can also be used for work related situations in the adult life.

With the child, it is relevant to make an appointment with the teacher and explain the situation. She sees the children daily and may be aware of the unrest, the friction between the children. Maybe she is waiting for you to come to her with the problem and wonders what the long delay is. Also, including the principle in on the conversation is important because they are there for political reasons. The principal doesn't want to have serious problems in their school. So, going to them makes them involved-aware of the situtation. The parent of the child who is causing your child to come home with stress should also be telephoned. Invite them over. Maybe it's something simple like a dispute about a picture or what someone wore that day. Or, you won and I didn't. Problems like that can usually be solved quickly. Maybe they'll even be friends after the parents see eye to eye with one another.

I hope it helps. I'd be interested to hear how you handled the situation.

Warm Regards from Germany,

Sabrina C. Stein

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