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Darcy - posted on 11/04/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi my name's Darcy,

My daughter Faith was born in August 2008. I was hospitalised at 30 weeks with pre-eclampsia (very sudden onset, I was at a routine doctors appt and all of a sudden she sent me to the hospital). They could not get my blood pressure down and at 30 weeks 6 days it started to copromise my vital organs (liver). So Faith Angelica was delivered by c-section at 31 weeks. She was born weighing 2lbs, 11ozs. She only needed help breathing for two days and then a day under the jaundice light. She quickly moved from level three care to level 2 care and soon we were just waiting for her to be big enough to be brought home. She stayed in the NICU for 7 weeks and arrived home two weeks before her due date.

She's a 14 month old ball of energy whose favorite words are" gabadabada and dabadabada" lol, it's not the same typing it out as it is to hear it. I keep trying to get her on film doing it but everytime I whip out the video camera she stops... the little stinker!

So that's our story, I'd love to hear yours!!

~Darcy & Faith


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Megan - posted on 11/17/2009




hi! my story isnt nearly as bad as everything ive read. My son kian who is 18mnths old now was really stubborn didnt wanna come into this world. I was 3 weeks overdue when i was admitted to hospital to be induced. They gave me the little tablet to start the pains but things were moving very slowly so they forced the needle to break my water before i even dialated a fraction. But that didnt help either. 12 hours in and still nothing (exept pain lots!) they came to check and i was only 3cm so they decided they were going 2 do a c-section but after an hour they changed there mind (no idea why). my baby started stressing about 23 hours in. Thats when they decided the baby had to come out and i was told i must start pushing at only 7cm. They had given me morphine and gas throughout so when it came time to push i was to tired and drugged so they gave me 4 apesiotomy's and tried twice to suction but they failed eventually at 26 hours they forceps my son out. He took very long to breathe and his one arm was blue. so they took him away before i could even see him. They kept him in the nursey for a few days observation but after 1 week in hospital was sooo ready to go home. Besides being diabetic he is healthy and full of energy and all that pain was worth it

Ashley - posted on 11/16/2009




Hello, I have identical twin boys name Dominic and Diego. I had my twins in Aug of 05 when they were supose to be due in Nov of 05. I was 26 weeks when I had my twins. I had preclamcia and they could not get my blood pressure down. I was admitted to the hosptial and had to stay there. While I was in the hosptail I started to bleed really bad and they had to give me an emergancy c-section. My twins each weighted a pound. The other sad part is that 2 weeks after my babies were born my grandpa had died of cancer.

Dominc was 1lb 8 oz 12 3/4 inches long and Diego was 1lb 2 oz 11 1/2 inches long. They had a rough life. I had to go home and leave my babies in the NICU. That was the hardest part of it all. Dominic after going through a lot of obstcles like mantaining his own body heat, weigh at least 4 pounds and a lot of other things that a full term baby would be able to do he came home on Thanksgiving Day. That was the happiest day.

Diego he had to stay in the NICU until Jan. Diego had a lot more problems then what Dominic had. Diego all most had to get a traci since he would not get to the point of breathing on his own. But after giving him steroids and the swallowing in his throat went down he finally got to the point where he was breathing on his own. After going through a whole lot of ups and downs with him he finally came home in Jan of 06.

I know it was hard leaving my babies in the NICU but I was down there every day if not every other day. The most happiest day of my life is when both of my little boys got to come home and i could take care of them and not have to worry about anything. I love them and they are my world. I am so glad that they are here now after going through with what they had. I know my grandpa would be happy if he was still here. That is why we call Dominic and Diego are mircle babies cause of everything that they had to go through.

Rebeca - posted on 11/07/2009




I had my daughter Layla, Sept 3rd 2008. Late stages of pregnancy was a bit iffy, in hospital for 3days with unbelievable pain but was ok. Still dont know what caused it. On the day layla was born, i woke up to find my waters had broken in my sleep, i walked to my local hosp and they told me i was fine and sent me home. I carried on wee-in so phoned the actual hospital where i was due to give birth and they told me to come in that eveing but dont rush. My partner and i went to hosp about 2pm as i was in pain, i had no anti natal classes so didnt know what contractions felt like. The triage nurse examined me and told me i hadnt dialated and i should come back the next day about 6pm. Once outside the room, i bowled over on the floor, in so much pain, i really didnt want to leave and neither did my partner. A nurse sent me upstairs and i was in labour, only havin gas and air which i still couldnt get the hang of!! Layla was born at 5.13pm that day, natural birth. I was surreal. Everyone says im lucky to have a quick labour, but my midwife said it was worst than long labours, i dialated so quickly in such a short space of time it was so intense. I am so glad i didnt go home! we are all doin fine x

Andrea - posted on 11/06/2009




Hey, My first daughter Macey-Louise was born on the 19th January 2009 while I was just 30 weeks pregnant. I'd been to the hospital for a check up 2 days before she was born and everything was fine. From the start of my pregnancy i was told that if I wanted to have a natural birth I would have to be induced at 37 weeks as I have narrow hips and I have had hip problems in the past. However the day she was born it had been snowing really bad and that morning I'd be fine dancing around in the garden wrapped up in my pyjamas, coat, scarf, hat and ugg boots (random I know!!) I actually collapsed in the afternoon and my partner got me to hospital where they told me my water's had broken and I would have to have her. When she was born she weighed 3 pounds 5 ounces and couldn't breath by herself. It was the most worrying time of my whole life and I hated it. But we got through it and she's now 9 and a bit months old and walking!! Twins are 2 days overdue now!!!

Andrea, Macey-Lou and Bump x

Andrea - posted on 11/05/2009




Hello, my daughter Nora was born March 2008 and was born at 30 weeks. I had some minor complications, irritable uterus, early Braxton Hicks, and she dropped onto the cervices at 29 weeks. I was told that only about 5% of women with these problems go into premature labor. That morning I started labor my husband left for work that was about 4 hours away and headed out to pick up my mom to go around town and end with birthing class. I had already called the dr early morning cause I had some blood in my underwear and later that after noon with some water leakage, the dr's told me this was normal and that the water was probably from the baby sitting on the bladder and told me to come in the next day. So we went about our way thinking nothing was wrong. So our last stop the birthing class (in a hospital), went to the bath room and boom water broke. After being hooked up the monitors and such they told me that I was in early labor and it would probably last long because the contractions weren't showing up... so 6 hours later after my husband drove a 4 hours trip in 2 LOL.. I was screaming for pain meds, they brought them in and said we are going to check you before we give you the meds to be on the safe side... well Nora was about to crown and didn't get the pain meds. The contractions didn't show up till she was actually being born) They weren't ready for the birth of a baby that early and the hospital didn't have a NICU so they had to ambulance come from the local children’s hospital 45 mins away. So I wasn't allowed to push for that long, I lasted about 43 mins with her crowning before she was born... the poor dr there delivered 5 babies that hour and even had to be called away from another birth (I feels soo bad for the other mom)... she was born at 3 lbs and 5 1/2 oz, she didn't breath right away till the second I asked why she was crying, I got to kiss her and see her before she was taken away to the other hospital then I had to wait 14 hours before I saw her again... she was on oxygen for one day, jaundice lights for 2 weeks, and spent 6 weeks and one day in the NICU. She is now a healthy and happy 19 month old, she loves to dance and climbs on everything!!! Her birth brought our family closer and why I wish she didn't have to go through all she did I am happy we all have this connection!!

Jenni - posted on 11/05/2009




Hi my name is Jenni,
I too, went to a routine Dr.s visit just to be informed that I needed to be admitted to the hospital immediately for hypertension. Arrived at the hospital and stayed 1 night in labor and delivery, then was transferred to the Cardiac unit. Had an episode while sleeping that night. I had been having "attacks" over the course of the previous 3 weeks, off and on, where I would wake up gasping for breath and my heart racing. They put me on anti-seizure medicine and gave me an EKG. Over the course of the next few days my condition deteriorated. My kidneys were failing. Protein levels above 15,000 (Dr.s usually get very worried if levels near 3,000). Lab work ruled out pre-eclampsia. Had heart, kidney, and high risk pregnancy specialist all trying to figure out what was wrong...which they never did. They decided the only way to save my life was to deliver my son, Adon, at 25 weeks. He was born Aug. 28, 2008, weighing 1 lb. 5 oz. and 11 3/4 inches long. Spent 15 weeks and 2 days in the NICU. Has had a few surgeries and been through a lot. He is doing awesome though! A very head strong 14 month old!

Debra - posted on 11/04/2009




Hi there......Lucas was born on 8th August 2007.....mine is know where near as worrying (can't think of the right word...) as yours!!! Midwife told me my blood pressure was up and that I would most likely have to have baby in Hospital, as I was doing too much and stressing myself out. I didn't listen of course.....just carried on thinking I would get my waterbirth!!! Anywhoooo, went into labour 5 days early went to birth clinic (omg the contractions sooooooo get worse in a car) was only 3cm dilated, hopped in the bath, but blood prssure too high so had to transfer to Hospital (bad move...sitting in that car is just the worst) didn't know what to do with myself at the hospital as the pain was so bad, eventually ended up on the bed. Got stuck at 7cms with contractions about 1 minute long and 1 minute appart. Had Gas, Pethadine (would never do that again...) and eventually 6 hours into it I got an Epidural which was AWESOME!!!! Talked all the way through the delivery in the end (except when pushing of course)> From first contraction to birth was 10 hours. Lucas was slow to breathe because of all the drugs.....I was whacked so didn't know what was happeneing anyway. Thankfully 2nd time around I got my dream birth.....5hrs, waterbirth and had a girl (sooo thought baby was a boy!!!).

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