English/Spanglish/Spanish learning babies

This group is specific for people with children learning both spanish and english. A place to share tips and advice and support.


spanish baby talk

I have learned a few from my husband but if anyone has any more please share. chupon- pacifier cobijas-receiving blankets mamilas- bottles mesedora- swing cona- crib silla...


spanish speaking

my daughter is 19 months and i can clearly understand what she says in english. i dont know very much spanish and she knows she will get mad at me and go off one this rampage of...



Hi my name is Amanda and my daughters name is Sophia. I speak english and very little spanish and my husband speaks spanish and some english. I feel its important for Sophia to...


What do you suggest?

My son is almost 2. I speak English and some spanish. My husband speaks english only. My son stays with his aunt during the week while I work ,who only speaks spanish to him. He...



Hello my name is Sonia. I have two children, Valerie (5 yrs) and Alex jr (6 months) they are from different fathers. I am 4th generation mexican (in which some would call me...