Entrepreneur Mom's

I am interested in meeting other mothers out there that are on a course that is unchartered! Entrepreneurs get through the highs and lows of their journey through the undying belief that what they do today makes progress towards the ultimate goal. My goal is financial and time freedom!


What motivates you?

A song, book, movie, phrase? I am finding that with no family and support system, having my own business is hard work. What motivates you to keep going? Please be detailed. Thanks

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How do you advertise?

Hi everyone! I am new to the group and I just noticed that there hasn't been a new conversation in a while so I thought I would start one. :) I just started working from home...


New to the group!

Hello everyone, I have just found circle of moms and am excited to be here. My name is Michele and I have a beautiful little girl named Aaliyah. She will be turning one in a...

Started by Michele on 04/21/2009 in Entrepreneur Mom's

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