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Epilepsy Awareness For All

Welcome!! Since starting in February 2009 Epilepsy Awareness 2009 has been on Circle of Moms offering support to families and individuals living with epilepsy. In March of 2010 we expanded, opening another support site on Facebook. To join us at one or both of these sites please go to or Seizure disorders can sometimes be extremely difficult for family and friends alike to understand. I witnessed my first seizure at the age of 4 and I was 12 when I lost a family member with Epilepsy to suicide. Now, ironically, I too have Epilepsy. At the age of 29 I experienced my first seizure and for 15 years (until age 44) I had my own personal challenges with uncontrolled complex partial and tonic clonic (grand mal) seizures. At 48 I am thankful to finally be convulsion free. However seizure free does not mean problems go away...I am constantly battling to keep myself free of illness that could set me backwards. For over 13 years, I was a volunteer with the Epilepsy Huron-Perth Organization. And I was President for their Organization for almost 4 years. Fully aware of how often epilepsy is like a sleeping dog that just suddenly awakens out of nowhere, I have focused on speaking about it in public, researching it (neurology in general) and writing about it - and have been doing so, as long as I can remember. I am always working to support people with epilepsy and will continue to be an advocate, supporting & raising awareness for the many Epilepsy Organizations, including The United Way. Our goal on our sites is to provide quality information and support to the many families, friends, and individuals living with seizure disorders. It is also our hope that we can be helpful in clearing any confusion concerning the myths about epilepsy, as well as provide answers to commonly asked questions, and also to provide information about seizures to people within the community. My interest for Epilepsy Awareness 2009 is to share factual information on what I know. And when I can, direct those who have questions that should be handled professionally to a more appropriate source. For those wanting more information about seizure disorders and/or education programs available within the local schools and communities, please feel free to contact me here at E.A.2009. or email me at or if you're curious to see what we have in the way of custom awareness products available for sale, check out the store at Also, if you need to find your local Epilepsy Organization you can go to in Canada or in the U.S. Please note; This site is intended for informational purposes only. Anyone with a seizure disorder should always consult a specialist about the available options for their individual needs when taking anti convulsants or trying to gain seizure control. Thanks for your support! Sincerely, Tracey Alderson Administrator, Epilepsy Awareness 2009


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