Anyone else not born with Erb's Palsy but still has it?

Cassandra - posted on 02/18/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi all, I noticed that most people who have Erb's palsy were born with it. I was not. It happened when I was four months old. My mom was changing me while I was on her lap, I was uneasy and I fell forward. In order for me to not bust my head open and die (it was concreate), my mom grabbed my arm for dear life. It was at night and she knew it must have hurt, but didn't think much of it. The following morning my mom noticed that I was not really using my right arm to grab her hair like usual. She massaged my arm a bit and we continued with our day. After that she noticed it wasn't any better so she took me to the doctor.
The doctor didn't really know what it was so he gave my mother some pain killers and that was that. I always held my arm kinda funny after that. It didn't bother me much except when I wanted to do all the things my brother wanted to do, but couldn't. Jump forward a couple years. My bones have grown. My elbow is popping out abnormally. We moved to North Texas and she took me to Scottish Right Hospital for Children in Dallas. X-rays were done and we found out that when the accident happened, my elbow had been dislocated. It was not put back into place and my bones just rolled with it and grew anyway. Well, now I walk around with a permanently dislocated elbow and it kinda looks like there's a gumball stuck under my skin.
As I got into my teen years I got uncomfortable. I would not wear sleeveless dresses or shirts in fear that someone would notice.The pain has increased. I get spasms. A lot of them. So much so that I took a trip to a specialist in Mexico the week of my birthday two years ago. I am on constant medications. I have limitations and this has made me change my mind on my career. I still don't know what I want to do because I want to be in something I am passionate about, but that I can also do. Do not get me wrong, I love my life. Having an injury myself has made me a more compassionate person. I have a heart for serving people who cannot help themselves. This has made me into the young woman I am today and I am thankful for that.
I have never really looked into anyone else who has this diagnosis and I am thankful that I have found one. All these stories man, makes me feel less alone. Have a blessed one y'all!

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