Erbs palsy-brachial

Anastaciakitty44 - posted on 11/27/2018 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was born in 1969 with erbs palsy-brachial, in left arm. I just found out that that it was called that lol. I have only seen 4 other people with it. I have never talked to anyone with it. It would have been awesome to have met other's with it, as a child especially. I of course self conscious of it at puberty hid it, tried to anyway lol. But I was never picked on, it only held me back at school. I wasn't aloud to play sports not even running, the stupid startup things. Schools sucked back then by Jr high I gave up. I have really never let it bother me. I think I have got upset about it 7 times, after the age of 15.I do have to say it gets worse with age. I hope you younger kids and adults listen, don't over use your good arm(that's what I call mine☺). Don't ever let it hold you back! But I had been working since I was 15.and I had to stop at 36.i worked allot of overtime, office work writing etc. And I can't work anymore, I miss it. People still ask what's wrong with your arm I never mind. I'd rather people ask. Never feel bad, this made me a stronger person. But don't expect people who don't have it to get what you go through. It's not there fault, they won't really ever get it. Just like I have no idea what my mom went through.I would love to chat with anyone of you on here it would be nice to talk to someone who understands. Thank you for letting me write on here😉

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