Mom of erbs palsy

Lacey - posted on 10/12/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son was diagnosed at two days old with EDP. he had vigorous and stressful therapy 4 times a week for the first year of life and was said to be cured. BUT they said they weren't sure how it would affect him later in life. He was stuck in the birth canal with the cord wrapped for so long he came out blue and had to be defibrillated. They said at the time he wasn't showing signs of brain damage but they weren't sure how it would manifest in the future, if at all. Honestly I've never given it a second thought until now. He will be 4 next month and he's very smart. Physically he's fine. But we've had troubles with behavior for about a year now. At first I thought it was just boy stuff. Toddler stuff. But now I'm seeing it differently. More like impulse control. Temper control. He's been getting in trouble at school for hitting. Not in an argument or out of anger, either. He walks up to someone and hits them. Then when he's getting in trouble for it he thinks it's funny. No empathy for others. And this is one of a dozen things he does that concerns me. I'm starting to worry this is something manifesting from birth complications. Has anyone ever had to deal with anything like this themselves or with their child?

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