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Hi all,

i have been exclusively pumping for 11 months now and am a bit concerned about weaning bub, she isn't eating all that much solids and is very fussy and still loves her bottles, i was just wondering what every one else has done to wean their baby from breast milk any advice would be great but please don't judge me for wanting to slow up on the pumping, its just starting to take its toll on me and my relationship and i feel i have done the best i can for my baby girl who refused the breast from the start (its sad when a lactation consultant gives up on you) but i am proud and confident for lasting so long with the pumping i just feel it needs to come to an end now taht she is able to start on cows milk soon!

thanks everyone for understanding and not judgine

p.s i have had a rough 11 months with family judging me for my choice to pump if everyone had their way she would have been on formula from get go!


Tandi - posted on 07/22/2009




oh geeze i hate when family gets like that, i mean did /they/ carry that baby for nine months and then go through hard labour then push that baby out?? i didnt think so!! so they have NO right! grrr sorry that gets me mad too because i had the same problem with some of my family members.

anyway you are awesome for pumping for soo long and of course there is nothing wrong with wanting to wean, you have done amazing and more than many other women - and your family apperantly - would have ever done for your baby!

I pumped for 11 months, I just weaned last week, and if you go slow enough it is not painful at all, and there was very little discomfort. as for the baby we started adding an ounce of cow's milk to her bottle, then when she pooed fine from that a couple times we moved up to two and so on and so forth, today was her first time taking in 5 ounces of just cow's mil kand she is doin fine!

when i was weaning from the pump it took a while so be prepared for that. i was pumping every 2 hours in the day and every 3 at night. to start slowing down, i went every three during the day and every four during the night. i pumped like that until i no longer felt overly full between sessions then i went down by an hour again, and again the same, until i finally hit only two pump sessions a day (12 hours apart) i found this to be quite manageable so i stayed there but then started to pump just 5 mintues less each time.

it was hard to watch the bottles get less and less full each time, but just keep in mind that everything must come to an end, and you did the best you could, which is fine, better than fine!!

i know this is more than long enough of a responce, but i just wanted to share my story with you: all through pregnany i /knew/ that i was going to breast feed and nothing would stop me... or so i thought. Elizabeth was born and she was as stubborn as mama - infact more stubborn lol. all the nurses and lactation consultants reassured me she would eventually breast feed and to keeo trying. so we finger fed her and i pumped every 2 hours 24 hours a day.

basically we just didnt sleep. 2 weeks in the first Lactation consultant gave up on us, so we swithced her to the bottle, but i kept pumping. we then found another lactaion consultant, who after 2 months also gave up. 4 lactaion consultants gave up in total, but i didnt, until she was 6 months old.

then i resigned myself to pumping, it was hard, it took over our romantic relationship - imean how sexy is it to sit with machiens sucking on your boobs after a fancy supper and before a movie? it took over our social life, most of my friends found it too frustrating to wait for me to be done yet another pump session.

so in the end i knew it was time to quit, and i did, and there is nothing wrong with it. i am proud of those 11 months and you should be too, anyway this concludes my novel good luck


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Naomi - posted on 01/11/2010




I agree, that family had no right to do that to you. They should be proud, you've done amazingly well pumping for 11 months. You've done 2 or more times the work of breastfeeding exclusively or formula feeding mothers. Not knocking them, I don't judge either, but this is so hard and you need support!

I ended up picking a formula, doing research as to what kind I wanted to try and how there's litttle to no difference between store and name brand (really, check the nutrition chart and ingredients list) and giving my son a bottle. At first he didn't feel like it at all. But I kept try it. If he was hungry enough or was asleep and it was a midnight feed, he wouldn't refuse it. Now we're on all formula with milk for his cereals only.

I'm afraid mine is still on a bottle too, but am also looking to wean to a cup (not sippy cup if possible). I think it's best to go slow, it's easier on the tummies. At 11 months though, your wee one should be ready for whole fat cows milk. Give it a try, so long as they have lots of iron in their diet bla bla bla.

Maybe take a look at baby led feeding, it sometimes helps with babies who don't eat many solids. I recommend looking at this website

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