Travel with car seats?

Julie - posted on 12/20/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi all,

We will be traveling on 28th December for our big move, Can anyone advise me on car seats, Calum is 20months and doesn't have his own seat on the plane this time, are car seats safe in the hold or is it better to buy new when we arrive? Also is the weight of the car seat taken from our luggage allowance?

Thank you



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Julie - posted on 01/07/2009




Hi Heather,

Thanks for your reply, sorry i took so long getting back, i've been busy with the move! We have been here just over a week now, My eldest son started at his new school today, I can't wait to pick him up to see how he has got on!!

Anyway for future queries i was allowed -

Pushchair, car seat and also a travel cot extra to my luggage allowance

I also got 10kg extra luggage allowance but no extra hang luggage

This was with Qatar airways, they also blocked off a row of 4 so he could have his own seat foc.

Thanks again and Happy new year!


Heather - posted on 12/21/2008




Hi Julie! I'm almost finished with my world tour with Victoria and here's what I've learned so far. You probably already know most of this and if others have any corrections to what I'm writing, please let me know! I'm still a bit confused with all the rules...

I can only speak for Singapore Airlines, United and SAS since those are the airlines I've been on in the last month with Victoria. All these airlines let me check two bags (50lbs each) for myself, plus one bag 50lbs for Victoria, plus a stroller and car seat. The stroller and car seat did not count against my bags. They were free additionals. I was also allowed one carry-on (on United/SAS I could also have an additional 'personal item,' my purse). Call your airline directly to check on their specific rules.

From Singapore to San Francisco (a direct flight) we checked our Quinny stroller and car seat at check-in (although we had the option to check it at the gate). Everything arrived in perfect condition in San Francisco. From Sacramento to Copenhagen I had a stop-over in Washington DC. Again I checked everything at the gate. By the time I got to Copenhagen they had completely ruined the Quinny stroller beyond recognition, and it's a pretty heavy duty stoller. It looks like they ran over it with a truck. Human hands couldn't possibly do that damage. In hindsight, I probably should have taken the stroller/car seat combo with me to the gate and had them check it there so I would have had it during my layover in DC and again when I got off the plane in Copenhagen. They'll let you do this. I just didn't want the hassle of pushing it around the airport - I had Victoria in the Baby Bjorn instead since she's still small. The car seat on the other hand is in perfect condition. It's definitely built to survive a car crash - it could survive anything.

If you haven't bought a ticket for your son, I'd definitely take the car seat with you to the gate. If they have any free seats you'll hopefully get to use the seat on the plane assuming it's FAA approved (if it's an American seat there should be a sticker somewhere saying it's safe for air travel - my European MaxiCosi, on the other hand, is not allowed). Also, check with the airline how wide their seats are. I've heard the max width is 16 to 17 inches. If it doesn't fit, they'll make you check it.

Anyway, that was a really long-winded response to a simple question!! Have a great move!!! You must be so excited! You're going to Qatar, right? Best of luck, and have a really happy new year in your new home!


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