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Expecting and trying my best!

For ladies who are expecting, or already have children to post experiences, give advice, get tips and have fun! It's more or less of a general community :]


Help for Morning Sickness

Does anyone have any cures or remedies that have worked for them? I've been sick since about 8 weeks (I'm now 13 and a half weeks) and the only thing that seems to even help...


The Loss Of My Baby

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of my baby boy. Baby Gavin Michael Harris was born at 19.4 weeks on 7/23/10 at 2:05 am. This was my 5th loss. He weighed 8.30...


I'm back

11 weeks pregnant today and expecting rainbow baby #2 on July 27, 2011. Hoping this little miracle stays put until atleast June


Due October 2011

Hi I am due 2nd October 2011 I have acouple of names picked out, Beau Anikia, Jacob Neo I haven't really got any girls names I have a middle name picked out but can't seem to...


Piercings and Tatoos

Does anyone have any piercings or tatoos that are being effected by your pregnancy? I am almost 30 weeks and have my belly pierced and got a maternity ring so that I wouldn't...



Was just wondering on what my chances are of having an elective c-section with bubs? My last labour was 40mins, and where I am living now, 40 mins might get me to the hospital,...


Do you miss.....?

Okay, more and more these days, my son is moving in every which way, up down, left right, rolling, jab to the bladder here, jab to the ribs there, etc. He keeps moving, which...


Had my baby

Well, it's happened. My son Damien Alexander was born on Sunday August 15th @ 11:05 am, weighing in at a mere 5 lbs 14 oz and measuring just under 19 inches. He's so small he...


Aurora Mae is here!

My daughter Rory was born on the 26th at 7:44 am after roughly 15 hours of uncomplicated labor. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz, and is 20 inches long. She is nursing like a champ and is...


What do you think about OTC BC?

Go to this website: Read it. Tell me what you think? I think this is the best thing they can do!...


Soon to be SAHM needs advice!

So my entire life I have done the whole college experience, the whole work my butt off from the bottom of the work chain to the top dog! I have LOVED it. It has been so much...