expecting in january 2012

for mummies to be expecting in 2012


How to Prepare Puppies for a Baby?

I am living with my mom for the first 6 months of my daughters life while we wait for her daddy to get out of school. My mom has two "winer" dogs and the male, Max, doesnt seem...


I have already dropped 3 weeks ago

This is tough. I dropped three weeks ago, my dr. put me on bed rest, and I'm a stay at home mom already with a toddler that is into everything. How is this going to work. My...


Anyone scheduled yet?

I am 28 weeks and getting really itchy to see my lil boy again. Has anyone been scheduled for their next ultrasound or even told roughly when the next one will be? thanks.



Do you have a name picked out or a list of names you like yet? I've become absolutely OBSESSED with naming our new bundle of joy! I dream about, I cry about it, I worry myself...


hormons ugh :(

so at 27 weeks i have been lucky to escape the hormonal bitch......however lastnight i have found i have escaped no longer. i burnt supper and my child refused to eat...i was so...


What have you been craving?

Just wondering what other moms have been craving for fun, it's always interesting to hear about! The first few weeks I was pregnant I craved crackers and cream cheese a lot....


anyone else have a vanishing twin?

I had some spotting at 7 weeks and had an early ultrasound to see what was going on. we could see twins, but only get a good heart rate and measurements on 1. I had another u/s...


Pregnant: boob problem?

This is my second pregnancy. I discovered in my last pregnancy that your breasts can leak long before baby comes (I was about 6 months along last time). I'm currently about 6...


Babies moving out there?

I'm over 19 weeks now and I'm still waiting on baby movements. It's so strange. They say the more babies you have, the earlier you feel them but I seem to be the opposite. My...


Already have a baby bump!

This is my fifth pregnancy (will be 4th child) and I'm already starting to show. It's like my uterus pushed everything up and out at the top of my belly. We want to keep this...


Migraines galore - ugh!

Anyone else suffering? I seem to be getting migraine after migraine. It's killing me. My doc says they should ease up after the second trimester here (3 months to go). I sure...


Telling Your Boss

I am pregnant for the second time and am having a hard time telling my boss because I know he depends so much on me. My last pregnancy he actually didn't hire for my position....


a hard road to travel down :

we went to the doctor on june 29th to see our precious angel for the 1st time ... a day of joy quickly turned into a nightmare i'll never wake from ... the ultrasound lady...