How to prepare a toddler for a new baby?

Jessica - posted on 09/03/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a soon to be 3yr old (will be 3 by the time I have the baby), and I'm trying my hardest to prepare him for when the baby is here. I know that he won't get it completely until the baby is actually here, but I want to try and show him that my attention is going to be divided between him and the little one. He has a baby doll that he takes care of. Any of you have suggestions on other ways to prepare him?


Kristen - posted on 10/17/2011




We got our son who will also be 3 when baby comes a baby doll. We named the baby the same as what we are naming our daughter so he can practice saying her name. I have a lot of worry cause he is VERY rough and always wants to play fight and I dont want him to think thats okay with the baby when she comes. So he practices holding the baby, dressing, and holding her bottle. We talk about being nice and showing him nice touches and kisses. I got my fingers crossed this helps TONS before she comes!!

Ashley - posted on 10/04/2011




Definatly involve your son in appoitments that he can go to. The Ultrasound we had for our 2nd that showed he was a boy helped my son realize there was someone in my stomach. Let him talk to the baby, if you have a name picked out teach him to use it when talking about the baby and to your belly. As for time spent, I was lucky my son loved reading with me so for the first weeks we did alot of cuddling and reading. Eventually it was easier to do the regular stuff my son loved to do.

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Our daughter just turned 3 and with her we just started to talk about her being a big sister. She is a huge helper with everything for me so i started saying im going to need you to help me with your baby brother or sister...can you do that? and she has been on board somewhat from the start. We also bought her some shirts that say big sister so she understands its something to be proud of, we have taken her to the ultrasound appts and gave her a pic of her own for her bedroom wall. She kisses it every night before bed. I also have her feel him moving in my belly when i can so she kinda understands why mom is getting so huge. and she lifts my shirt kiss and helps me rub lotion on my belly. I call this a massage for lil brother and she talks to him while she does it. I know every little kids is different but just keep including your son and he will help you and understand as it goes on. Just remember even though he is a toddler hes still the baby too.


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Michelle - posted on 10/29/2011




my son was almost 2.5 when my daughter arrived and we made sure he came to the appt. even if he was a brat lol. we also let him have an ultrasound pic, he helped make the baby's room and we talked even read books to him all about it! when she arrived he was thrilled, held her, kissed her, helped bring items and even tried to calm her from crying. now my daughter will be just over 2.7 months when baby # 3 arrives and have done the same things and hope she enjoys her baby brother as well!

Michelle - posted on 10/04/2011




Theresa I love your idea about the ultrasound pic in her room! I'm gonna steal that one! And Ashely I love your advice about cuddling and reading, I'm sure my son would love that while I nurse. My son is 4 so he comprehends more but he still doesn't completely understand as it's his first sibling. I'm trying to teach him to play by himself more and be Mama's big helper but being an only child for so long makes it a hard transition for us both. Even now it's hard to keep up with his demands on my time with my ever expanding belly. I'd also love some more ideas on how to get us both ready for our new addition.

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