anybody have a small bump compared to everybody else expecting around the same date?

Katy - posted on 09/08/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




im expecting my first baby in just under 4 weeks and compared to other bumps i only look about20 weeks !lol ... i took ages for my bump to come as well ithink i was 20 weeks before i stareted to show properly.


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Sarah - posted on 09/09/2009




I am due on the 27th of Oct and i don't even have a bump i have only put on 6p so i know how you feel i got a little round in the middle but no big bump my doc say's its fine and i should be happy but i was looking forward to having one

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I am having my first due October 12th and I get comments all of the time about how small by belly is. My sister is due September 23rd and I look like I am 4-5 months along compared to her.... I am hoping this doesn't mean I am going to have a small baby. :(

Jessica - posted on 09/08/2009




I am due oct 13th and i look smaller then my friend who is 21 weeks! I Didn't start looking pregnant till around 30 weeks and even now people only think im only 4 months maybe 5

Jade - posted on 09/08/2009




Yeah im like that there are friends of mine who are below me due in december, Jan who are twice as big as me i keep asking my midwife is my tummy at the right stange and shes like yeah yeah your measuring right lol but i look about 5 month pregnant infact i still fit into all my clothes and ive even bought a size smaller due to loosing weight on my hips and thighs its mad

Jennifer - posted on 09/08/2009




I have the exact opposite problem. Everyone else's bump looks smaller than mine! :( I started a little overweight on the BMI scale and haven't gained more than the recommended amount of weight. My only theory is that my torso is kind of small, and there's just not a lot of real estate between my hips and my ribs. Maybe your body shape lends itself to allowing more of the bump in your abdomen?

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