baby food vs. home made food????

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I know making her food at home should be better, but is not so easy..... I really want to do it, but its more complicated than I thougth. Any recommendations on how to start, measurments, how to make it......which fruits or vegetables are better???


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Usually, you can consult your local WIC office about this. They have plenty of handouts and brochures that tell you all about how to make your own baby food at home. I ended up with 4 different ones, but they all pretty much tell you the same thing.

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I also started with sweet potato, mashed with a little breast milk. Then moved onto normal potato, then stewed apple (which she loves). I know how you feel though, it's all a bit baffling. Banana and avocado are good because you don't need to cook anything, i may try these next. If you do big batches then freeze small portions in ice cube trays, then you can mix these together as your baby gets used to different foods.
The first time i fed my baby she seemed to really enjoy it and i probably fed her too much, as she seemed to have stomach ache for the rest of the day, so just give 1 or 2 teaspoons full to begin with.

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I think that homemade is always better as you know what it going into the food.

The plainer the better. A lot of people start with Rice Cereal, we are starting with sweet potato as it is so easy to peel, chop and boil the sweet potato. As sweet potato doesn't require a lot of mashing or anything much added, it makes for a simple meal.. You can always change the consistency by adding a little breast milk (or formula)

Other meal ideas are Pureed carrots, parsnips, zucchini and cauliflower,

or mashed avocado mixed with mashed banana.

They just recommend to encourage your child to eat savoury foods over sweet foods.

You can also freeze portions in containers. Baby probably wont eat much to start with

so you can easily start with small portions which will probably be a few mouthfuls!

Good luck :)

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