Food Allergies-- anyone dealing with this??

Jackie - posted on 02/06/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok.. so I was that terrible Mom who gave their kids peanut butter at age 13 months.. My girl did fine but the boy had a very violent reaction in which we rushed him to the doctor, hives around his mouth and vomiting and all!!! It was very scary and luckily benadryl solved it and he was ok after that and now we know definite peanut allergy for him. Our pediatrician then sent us to the allergist for testing and it also showed he was allergic to soy and egg whites.. in which he had already had plenty of that.. so the allergist said go ahead and give him the things he already has had but definitely no peanuts. Well I also discovered in giving him a straight banana that he had the same reaction as peanuts but he is able to eat things that are made with banana's and flavored banana. Including banana babyfood which is just mashed up banana. He eats things made with eggs as well and soy and is totally fine. I don't understand why this is that he can eat some things that are made with it but not the straight stuff???


Lise - posted on 02/11/2011




My daughter is allergic to cow's milk. She can have it baked into things, but not raw or mixed in things (cheese, mixed into mac and cheese, etc).

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