Gas/Reflux/Colic(?)/Asthma problems... Second time mom with no clue

Amanda - posted on 11/18/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I'll start this off by saying my first child was my daughter who slept through the night from birth on and was the absoloute picture of health from birth on and breastfed within 3 min of comming out and never had ANY issue from then on.

Now I had my son Oct.3rd and I got something COMPLETELY different

Previous Info:
Theo born Oct.3rd weight 9.9 21.5 inches long 14.5 Inch head Emergency c-section 16 hrs after Gel induction because he got stuck , the epidurals (yes they tried 3 times) didn't work just like they didn't with my daughters labor either so they tried the spinal (tried that 3 times) that didn't work so I had to be put to sleep... He had a very small breathing problem when he came out and then he was fine (took me a while to come out of it) .... no jaundice, some breast feeding issues which they believe was the cause of his blood sugars dropping when he was 1&2 days old still having some problem with breastfeeding with all his other medical issues.

My son wheezes a lot so the doctor thought we should try some acid reflux meds first (because he was swallowing a lot) and see if that works if not then it will be a puffer for asthma (Which worries me because my husband has developed a real dependency to his puffer over the years, and i don't want to give my son steriods ) He has had some pretty bad gas problems since birth and we tried gripe water and it did not work so well so we went to Ovol which seems to be helping the buildup but he is still in pain so i am giving him tempra twice a day to help ease the pain without filling him with medication. He seems to be very uncomfortable and sad/tired a lot. He also snores (louder then my husband) and seems to grunt a lot in his sleep!

I guess my question is:
Does anyone have any ideas for gas (pain or buildup) and,
Has anyone had a problem with wheezing or grunting or snoring in a child under a month.

I will take any advice anyone can give me right about now this is all so shocking to me because of the previous experience I had with a newborn (I was AMAZINGLY blessed)!!!!!

Thanks to anyone who can help and I hope all your kidlets are doing great and growing bigger by the day!!!


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Robin - posted on 12/05/2009




HI.. first off.. Congrats! My little one was born on the 14th., my 3rd. Anyways, your story sounds like mine. First child was colic.. for 6 wks, which doesn't sound like too much, but I was on my own... let me tell ya.. well that is for another post! The second child was fine, great baby, but developed jaundice, but got over it and is now a healthy almost 3 year old.

My last one was very gassy and very cranky, crying all the time... I mean all the time, ( thought for sure I'd go insane) I talked with my doctor and told him, that I didnt think it was colic, because colic is more just fussy and usually as specific times of the day as well as just crying. But he was cramping up and tighten his whole little body. So I knew he was in pain. My doctor thought it was acid reflux, but sent me to a peads dr to confirm. The dr. was right. He put my son on a medication and within 2 days he was competely a different kid. When he was awake he wouldn't scream, but smile and coo... ( Im so grateful)!!! So I thought all was well. But still did notice that he was still a little bit in pain, seemed like he was consitpated, which is odd... Im breastfeeding, as well as when he'd finally poop... oh my look out because it was not pretty!!!!! So I brought him back and the dr thinks( we are still trying this out) that he might be lactose intolerant!!! oh great, but I was told that I can still breast feed, but just no dairy for me, so far it seems to be helping( going on week # 2) So I do not have milk or yoguart or cheese,& ice cream,everything else is okay. I did go and buy lactose free milk( $$$$$) because some times I crave milk, and it seems to be okay, so I have another appointment with the dr next week.. shall see what he says then.

I hope that you can find out what is the problem, so you can enjoy your little one! Hope this has helped!

Cindy - posted on 12/05/2009




Actually my son - born on oct. 8th, has alot of weezing also. I went to see the doctor yesterday about it since he wasn't eating alot (only 1-3 ounces every 3 hours) and would take forever for us to give him his bottle since he wouldn't stop crying. The doctor sent me to take an x-ray and gave me 2 puffers for me to give him 2 times a day. The puffers are Flovent and Salbutamol. I'm on the third day of giving him the puffers and it seems to allready be better. He doesn't cry as much while eating (but he still only drinks 2-3 ounces every 3 hours) I am going back to see my results next Friday. Will see then if there is something wrong with his breathing - doctor said it could also be acid reflux but said that his breathing was deffinetly not normal. I'm really anxious to see the results and hope that he gets better and start eating better like he did before.

Joelle - posted on 12/04/2009




Alrighty, In the first week my son was born (hes now 2) he wheezed something terrible. I presented it to his doctor right away and they said that it could be fluids left over from my c-section and that it would pass on its own. Into the second week the wheezing continued but now he had a cough like symptom where he would stop breathing, turn blue, almost like he was choking. Again this landed us at the doctors and they continued with the same solution and gave me different positions to place him when he started this choking like symptom. Said by doing so the fluid would come up. That lasted bout another week and no approvement and his wheezing just kept getting worse. So back to the doctors I went ( a big issue i ran into while trying to get the right diagnosis was that when we went to the doctors my sons wheezing had like vanished)
This time the doctor said it could acid reflux and sent us to have a barium test which is an x-ray of the upper chest while he was eating. That came out negative and at this point they didnt know what was going on with him.
This went on for the first two months and like magic the choking symptom dissapeared but his wheezing continued. He would spike random high fevers and become aggitated. I continued to bring him to the doctors but at the visit his lungs always sounded clear.
When he was 6mths old we rushed him to the hospital. He had a temp of 105, trouble breathing, and his oxygen intake was extremely low. Right away they put him on a neblizer (which is a machine that breaks down medicine into a breathable mist). My son approved right away. We were told that he possibly had an asthma attack but he was too young to be tested for asthma.
We were referred to an allegist specialist who sat us down and told us exactly what could possibly be going on. We went through a period of experimenting with different meds and med distributers. He was finally put on a neblizer with two steriod medications.
I wasnt happy with the idea of my son on steroids either but it was what he needed. He got one steroid twice a day and the other steroid was used only as a fast acting med for when he was having an "episode". This lasted for a year and eventually his episodes became less frequent to the point where we started to ween him off of it. He no longer gets everyday treatments...only gets treatments when his wheezing picks up and thats usually when he has a cold.

I would def seek out the help of your doctors more. They say that asthma is very common in young children but that most of them will grow out of it and my son looks to be case and point. If you have any questions feel free to ask. It was a very long, tiring, and scary road for us before my son got the right treatment and it would have been comforting to know of someone that went through the same.

Stephanie - posted on 12/04/2009




hey there my son had bad wind as well we used infacol! worked wonders cause at the start he could not burp at all! only way we could get rid of his wind was give him a bath and he would relax and let it all out! but now he is a burping champ! we no longer use it now cause his wind problems are fine now!

Tiffany - posted on 12/04/2009




Okay! My child just got diagnosed with colic. Which is basically reflux disease. She got placed upon a medication and I was also told to place a spoonful of rice cereal in her bottle before each feeding. I also give her Mylecon with each bottle. So these three things have made a significant difference with her screaming nonstop, and with her horrible gas pains.

I also tried Gripe Water and all it did was make her throw-up like crazy. So I dont do it anymore.

I dunno if this helps, but I hope it comforts you to know that you are not alone!!

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