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Going from being swaddled to free-sleeping without problems...?

Jessica - posted on 03/11/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 4-month-old sleeps best when she is swaddled. When she's not, she wakes herself up by flailing her arms or other such actions. She's 27" long now, so she's kind of out-grown all the baby blankets we have to swaddle her with. How would I go about transitioning her from being a baby burrito to having her sleep without constantly waking her self up in the night?


Jessica - posted on 03/12/2010




maybe tuck her sheets in really tight to the mattress? they will get looser over time.

Let her nap unswaddled during the day so that it doesnt ruin your sleep scedual and she will get used to the freedom feeling.

My lil guy hated the swaddle!


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Jennifer - posted on 03/18/2010




You can make your own from squares of cloth -- 44" should do. They sell these large swaddling blankets called Arden + Anais swaddling blankets that are very large, and my long baby still fits into them (she's almost 27" also).

Kristen - posted on 03/18/2010




Start by only wrapping her top half & leave her legs free then each night wrap her arms a little looser. If you do this over a couple of weeks hopefully she won't need to be wrapped anymore.

Louise - posted on 03/18/2010




Do you think a baby sleeping bag might help? I haven't used one so I'm not too sure. My little guy hated being swaddled as soon as we brought him home from hospital.

If that doesn't work and you find she's only still sleeping well when swaddled perhaps try and make your own wraps by purchasing fabric so you can make them larger for her.

Shelley - posted on 03/12/2010




We had the same issue with one of our twins and ended up mermaid swaddling her inside the sleep bag at night (did that until she "broke free" of the swaddle with her legs). It gave her the feeling of security without the fear of loose blankets in the crib with her. During the day, we just placed her in a sleep bag so she would learn to get used to it. She also flailed her arms, and there was not much we could do with that - she scared herself constantly. It seemed to pass in a couple weeks. Note: our doctor told us we could continue to swaddle for up to 5 months and that when the baby becomes a little "Houdini" and removes themselves from the swaddle that is when it is time to transition.

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