Going on 3 days and still no poop!

Susanne - posted on 02/15/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




My little girl is usually a good pooper. She likes to poop several times a day, and when she skips a day, usually the next morning sometime, she has an explosion to make up for all that was "stored up" from the day before. Well, now it's day three, and I've seen no poop yet. I'm getting nervous, but I've read that it's totally normal for breastfed babies to go even up to a week with no poops. She's 100% breastfed, so she'd fit into that category of "wait and see" but it's making me more and more nervous as the evenings and days pass with no poopie sightings. I'd do anything for a poopie outfit, just so she'd have one!!! Anyone have some piece of mind to offer? I have a call into the doc just so she knows what's up, and I'm tempted to try and thermometer and KY suppository, but I don't want to hurt her. I'm scared about the Rotovirus complications that were in the old batch. She supposedly got the new batch, but what it she's having a reaction? Ugh...


Allie - posted on 02/18/2010




My son (4months old) didnt go for 2 weeks!! Dr told me to take his temp. rectally and move it around just a little. Later that day...WOW!! its like 2 weeks worth came out. Im glad I had him in a bigger diaper when that happened. It works. He also told me if that didnt work to give some prune juice.

Liz - posted on 02/15/2010




There are a lot of different things that work for different babies. When my son is stopped up or having a hard time going, I either put a tsp of Karo syrup (the clear kind) in with every other bottle until he goes, or I will give him 1 ounce of Gerber apple prune juice in with his bottle (he is almost 4 months old.) A few months back he was stopped up, and while I was at work my mother in law thought it would be a good idea to give my son a suppository and use some vasoline on him....let me tell you nothing pissed me off faster than that! His doctor specifically told me NOT to do that, and I even told her this, but that didnt seem to matter. Some people swear by suppositories, other, like me, hate the idea of it! If you don't want to try the Karo syrup or the juice, give your doctor a call. They can suggest something safe to help her out!!

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My son occasionally goes for a few days between poops too. My doctor says that they can go 5-7 days w/o pooping! I know it seems crazy but its normal. So I wouldn't worry :) But if your daughter has any poop that is hard or looks like rabbit poop(little balls) call the Dr. right away, b/c she's probably constipated. But I wouldn't do a thermometer or a suppository. Her system will work itself out! I hope that helps! It is so hard when they can't tell us what is the matter or if their tummy hurts.


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Jennifer - posted on 02/18/2010




should be ok as long as there are no food intolerances (through your breastmilk)

[deleted account]

If his tummy feels hard then you know he is in pain but if he seems fine and tummy is soft...he probably is fine. if you want to help things along naturally try doing bicyle kicks with this legs each time you change his diaper...20-30 times and make sure his knees go right up to his chest (this will help put things in motion since he is not walking yet). Also...a nice warm bath covering the belly and then massage the stomach in the water in a circular motion.

Both of those have helped.

And if that fails....white corn syrup (1 tsp/bottle) once a day....and you will probably only need it just in that one bottle.

good luck...

Lana - posted on 02/17/2010




I was told by a GI specialist that breastfed babies can go up to 14 days without pooping..When my husband and I heard that and our jaws dropped!!

We just couldn't believe it but it's true..I went online that same day and found that seemed to

be pretty acurate.. NOW, the doctor did say it is perfectly fine AS long as the baby is showing no signs of pains ..as long as baby is comfortable and releasing gas allot she's fine!! So I went along with that and my daugther is very happy... Good luck!!

Lauren - posted on 02/17/2010




My son (breastfed and supplemented) has gone up to 5 days w/ out a poop. Doctor said it was fine. Finally he did poop- and what a poop it was! These days he goes once a day or every other day normally. I really wouldn't worry as long as he poops within a week.

Frances - posted on 02/17/2010




haha, i had the same problem. My girl would poop 2-4 times a day, then to just one a day and then poof....she didnt poop for 7 DAYS! I was so scared, i called the doctor and nurses which i suggest to do anyway. Just wait, you dont have to put a suppository up her heiny until after a week. Let her digestive track work itself out. Its a new system so its just getting use to the body. If you want, you can add a little water to the breastmillk, or go to the baby section and buy some gerber prune or apple juice. Have her drink 1oz of juice mixed with 1 oz of water. Thats what the nurse suggested to me, but nothing happened. Wait up to a week and then after that go to the doctor and they will give her a suppository. But talk to the doctor it will relieve some of your stress lol

Chantal - posted on 02/17/2010




My almost 4 month old regularly goes 10-14 days without pooping and has always been this way. It used to worry me so much I couldnt sleep at night. I have been assured many times now by nurses, my doctor and others that it is perfectly normal if he is gaining well and peeing lots, so don't worry!! Enjoy this time where you get a break from poop, soon when they start solids will be the fun poops :)

Jennifer - posted on 02/16/2010




It's completely normal for breastfed babies to go a couple of days without pooping. Especially around the 3/4 month mark. It means that their little tummies are becoming better at using the booby juice! My little girl used to go every time she ate, and now she goes every other day or every third day. As long as she is still eating regularly and having wet diapers 5/6 times a day I wouldn't worry to much about it. If it goes over a week that's when I would call the dr just to make sure.

Karstin - posted on 02/16/2010




Don't worry. My older daughter didn't poop for a week and it scared the crap out of me (excuse my pun). What I ended up doing, is take a rectal thermometer, lube it up with vaseline, and I stuck it in a bit like I was taking her temperature. It will irritate her bowels enough that they explode.... and boy oh boy did she explode. She blew through her sleeper and all over my mom's sweater... twice! Definitely just make sure you're ready to bathe the baby!

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