Good or Bad Experience at the Hospital????

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Hi everybody, I'm Danielle and do I have a story to tell. Well with my first baby, I had a girl and my nurses were wonderful. My daughter did have a little problem with her blood sugar levels the night she was born, but I think that had to do with me also being gestational diabetic during my last trimester months. She ate every 5hrs as a newborn, which was wonderful my doctor and nurses took very good care of me and by little girl while we were there. My second baby was the complete opposite. I had a boy and when he came out, he never cried. So automatically all the nurses were like "oh what's wrong with him, why isn't he crying" which is fine but when I got my drugs(Yes I'm a total wimp LOL) I was like 7cm dialated so when he came out, he was completely out of it because of the drugs. So then they finally figured it out and weighed him and everything so then everybody was brought to the room I stayed in. The first night was hell! I had to ask someone if they could watch my son so I could get a good night sleep(I have been up for 2days straight at this point) so they did. Then they bring him back at 3 in the morning telling me that I have to take care of him for the rest of the night. WTF!?? They told me they were "too busy" even when there were 2 other nurses just sitting there! So the next day I got yelled at for feeding my son too much. I'm sorry but if he's not gonna take his soother, what else am I supposed to do to calm him down! My son ate every hour and a half and was only taking 1oz at a time. Then later on I got asked my 3 different nurses if I had done any drugs, smoked, drank alcohol or took any other pills other then folic acid during my pregnancy. What kind of question is that? My son had shakes really bad when he was born but that doesn't mean I did anything does it? Then later that night, when my husband was leaving, they cornered my husband and asked him the same damn question! Umm hello don't you nurses talk to each other about this stuff. During the night that night, I had to ask again if they could watch my son so I could get some needed sleep. Guess that they do...They brought him back at 1 in the morning so I could feed him then again at 5 in the morning for me to take him for the rest of the night. We brought our son to a chiropractor to see about his shaking and it turns out it was only a pinched nurve from the delivery!


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Jennifer - posted on 04/12/2010




With my first we had a bad experience with being pushed to use drugs (anaesthesia) so this time I birthed at home. Much better!

Kylie - posted on 04/12/2010




All hospitals are different. I live in Australia and with my first we weren't allowed to take him home because they thought we were too young to look after him. I was a registered nurse! The 2nd was fine. The third was full of mucous and choking and crying all the time and finally they took him for about 4 hours to suction him out but that was it. My 4th, was born at 1:30 am, I had been awake all night, they didn't allow me to give her a dummy, so she sucked till my nipples bled, when my husband was holding her she stopped breathing, he ran out and informed the nurse, so grateful he was holding her and noticed, in the morning after no sleep, I got up and went home, handed her to my mother and went to bed for some much needed rest. She then wasn't putting on weight, so I was told I had to put her on formula or feed her hourly for the next 2 days.Which I did and was of course so exhausted after that. My 5th was fine, she was born I stayed 2 days in hospital, the nurses didn't come near me, didn't ask about the baby, help in any way, never once took her, looked at her, did anything, but that suited me fine, when I had enough of hospital I went home. Like I said it really depends on the hospital and the nurses you get at the time. I think they thought I was on drugs with my first as he was born with some birth defects from a chromosome depletion (not my fault, told by the geneticist that there was nothing we could have done) but it is hard when they just assume. Good luck and try not to take it too personally. Enjoy your bundle and know that you did the right thing.

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