Mean Grandma at Storytime

Sally - posted on 11/18/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Is there a polite way to say "Will you please leave that poor child alone for a second?"?
My 13 month old attends a story time for babies 6-18 months. For the most part the mommies sit in a circle and the babies all run around in the middle and play while the librarian reads stories and recites finger plays. It ends with toys coming out and a free play session while the mommies socialize.
One little boy there is brought by his grandma because his mom works. She sits behind the circle because she needs a chair, but she doesn't want her baby to play with the other babies. She tries to make him sit right by her the entire time. No playing, no leaving, no noise--just sit quietly by her while all the other babies play. Every time he stands up she's saying nonstop. "Sit down, Sit down and behave. Nana said sit down and behave." If he tries to go to the other babies, it's nonstop "Come back here. Don't touch that. Get away from there. Get away from that. Nana sad no. If you don't behave we're going home." If he doesn't come back, she starts. "I'm leaving. Come here or I'm leaving. Bye." If another mommy tries to help him play, she picks him up and tries to keep him on her lap and again nonstop "Stop that. Why can't you behave. Your mother didn't behave like that when she was your age. Sit still. If you can't behave we're going home." If he resists or when the official free play time begins, she tells him that he is tired and drags him out crying. It's every week and she's not quiet about it either. Sometimes we can't hear the stories over her incessant carping at this poor litle kid. And he's not misbehaving. In fact he's quieter and more polite than most of the other babies (mine included).
My heart breaks for this poor little boy. So far I've resisted asking her if she's always this mean to him or if she saves it for story time or why she bothers bringing him when she won't let him participate, but I'm not sure how long I can hold out so I'm hoping somone can suggest a polite way to say those things to her. If the other mommies mind they're hiding it a lot better than I am. I don't mind her hating me if it helps her let him be a normal child, but I don't want her taking anger at me out on him.


Jessica - posted on 11/19/2010




Next time you see her, if she's interrupting story time, just tell her that he's behaving better than she is. Suggest to her to let him be a kid! I can't think of a polite way to get her to lighten up. Maybe if you *ever* see his mother come in with him, tell on grandma! It's difficult to tell grandma off when it's not your child, but perhaps she could impact her (or relieve grandma of her "services").

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