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sippy cup help

Whitney - posted on 12/28/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




my daughter has been on a sippy cup and a bottle since she was 5mths so i thought it would be easy to switch to just plain sippy cups but it is not working. she refuses to drink milk in a sippy cup she will do juice water and everything else but not milk.


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Christina - posted on 01/11/2011




I am dealing with the same thing...I started 4 days ago and just 1 bottle before bed and she just kept politely shaking her head no and would take a sip if I begged her to and then stop! I called my Dr and she said at 15 months she should only be drinking 16 oz, so take the bedtime bottle away bc it will confuse her and just make available all the time and if she doesn't drink just make sure she gets yogurt and cheese everyday. I'm sad, but I guess there is nothing else to do...I really like my Dr., so I'll just keep trying...let me know if you have success-good luck :)

Laura - posted on 01/09/2011




My cousin is having this same problem. Milk only she'll drink everything else but not milk. It's an association with the bottle... good luck and let me know if something works so i may pass it along, thanks

Cheryl - posted on 01/09/2011




I introduced the sippy cup to my son early (around six months). He drinks everything from his sippy cup. Milk does take a bit longer. I give him milk at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He hasn't had a night time sippy since he was nine months old. I don't know if switching early has anything to do with him drinking milk from his sippy cup or if he is just an easy kid. Maybe wait until she is really thirsty and give her a sippy cup of milk that way she'll be so thirsty she'll drink anything you give her. Just a thought.

Sally - posted on 01/07/2011




Will she drink it with a straw? How about just out of a cup?
My daughter never had much use for a sippy. She sees no need to suck on anything other than me. :) Her big sister never really liked one either, but since she had a bottle while I was at work, it bothered her less. It's a little more work for me to notice when she's thirsty and help her hold the cup, but mommies did it for thousands of years before sippys were invented. For my girls at least, it seems to make them able to handle a real cup by themselves much sooner than their friends too.
Good luck

[deleted account]

I had the same problem with my son! First, we changed sippy cups. He now drinks out of the nubby sippy cups (the one with the straw). Second, he wouldn't drink milk out of the cup that previously had juice in it. I guess the juice left a flavor in the cup or something. So, he has two sippy cups for milk and one sippy cup for juice only. Good Luck!

Michelle - posted on 01/06/2011




My son had a hard time switching to sippy cup, i hid the bottles and i would give him the sippy cup only. he would have a fit for a few min then he would start to drink it. there were days he was really mad i would just give him the bottle. i started by only doing the bottles that he got during the day. the am and pm would stay bottle. when he got use to that i got rid of the pm and now we just got rid of am after few weeks. they dont like a lot of change at once (at least my son didnt) so just trade in 1 bottle at a time for a sippy cup. ex give am bottle, noon bottle, dinner sippy then pm bottle. then try to get rid of noon, then take it from there. but he does take a lot longer to drink from it. but if they are thursty they will drink.

[deleted account]

I find that my son will drink his milk from his sippy cup but it takes him much longer (as in from breakfast to lunchtime) to drink it, I just let him have it as his morning drink. I am going to begin the nighttime bottle transfer to a sippy cup in a couple of weeks.

Sarah - posted on 01/02/2011




my daughter has the same problem that she wont drink milk out of a sippy cup, but than i figured out that she likes to drink out of straws... and she wanted a drink from daddy's cup and she drank it threw the straw.... it's just an idea but try the sippy cup that comes with the straw and see if that works.

Laura - posted on 12/28/2010




Have you tried different types of sippy cups? My daughter would not use certain types. I found the NUK brand sippy cup worked really well to transition her. They are interchangable with the bottles, so you could start with a bottle nipple in it, then switch it to the sippy spout.

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