What are you feeding your baby? I'm at a loss for non-baby food items.

Cheryl - posted on 09/13/2010 ( 20 moms have responded )




I'm at a loss for knowing what else I can feed my son. He only has three teeth. I know the stuff I shouldn't feed him. But coming up with meals we can all eat is sometimes difficult, especially breakfast and lunch. Right now, his routine seems to be, breakfast - cereal with baby food fruit or applesauce with other fruit in it (I've tried eggs but he doesn't like them), lunch - yogurt and applesauce, dinner - mostly vegetables (baby food jarred or what we are eating) or french fries/mash potatoes. I'm trying to get him off the jarred food. I guess I'm in a food rutt. Please help!!


Dara - posted on 09/14/2010




Your baby is 11 months? He can eat almost everything you eat, as long as it's healthy. He doesn't need teeth to eat finger foods, it just has to be mushy. Try some of these:
- soft cooked, cubed sweet potatoes
- avocado
- cheese cubes
- omelets (mix egg yolks with a little milk, cook shell, fill with cheese and some veggies)
- any soft cooked veggie like broccoli, squash, peas, cauliflower, carrots (make sure he can mash them with his gums)
- toast
- pasta
- soft cooked meats (I like to make meatballs with extra lean meats, like beef, turkey, chicken etc. Chicken and turkey are winners with my baby)
- cantaloupe
- bananas
- oatmeal
- oat banana cookies (oats, crushed in blender, added to mashed banana with a bit of applesauce, spoon onto greased cookie sheet, bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. A nice, soft, healthy cookie I give my baby for breakfast often.)

I have experimented quite a lot, so if you want more, I would love to share!

Natasha - posted on 09/19/2010




Fresh water fish is ok because there's not the mercury risk. Oceanic fish are the ones you need to worry about.

Jenn - posted on 09/19/2010




My little guy eats a lot of what we eat:

Pasta with a little sauce
Grilled Cheese-little pieces, one at a time
Cheese cubes
banana wheels
cereal bars
carrots - both are steamed
ground beef
mashed potatoes
mac and cheese

Hope that helps a bit. I'll have to try more with him. Thanks for this post, I got some good ideas, too! :)


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Nicole - posted on 10/05/2010




Try the tiny pasta that looks like rice, called risoni. Mix it with vegies and stir in some ricotta cheese or cream cheese for flavour.
Pureed pumpkin and creamed corn with chicken.
Vegemite and cheese sandwhiches
Rissoto with vegies
home made muffins with grated carrots, zuchini, apple, sweet potato, banana, pear, sultanas......
My little guy only has 2 teeth but he can still chew with his gums so don't be too worried about them chewing. Try some very ripe pear and banana to get him on the lumps!

[deleted account]

Listen to these ladies, they have a lot of good advice for you... so I won't repeat it!

My daughter has 4 teeth... and won't eat meat. Do you want to eat mashed up bland chicken? Me neither. But she LOVES liverwurst. Give it a try and good luck!

Melissa - posted on 10/01/2010




A great book for recipes is The Baby's Table. It has tons of 1-pot recipes that you can either blend for little ones, or leave chopped for bigger babies. My son eats and loves everything in that book. I cook up a bunch every couple of weeks and freeze it in ice cube trays - then at meals I just have to grab a few cubes and I have a balanced meal. Mix it up with fresh fruit, some bread pieces, yoghurt, and scrambled eggs and it's perfect for working moms.

He only has one teensy tooth and he can eat everything as long as it's chopped small.

[deleted account]

I agree with the other ladies... if he is 11 months he can eat whatever you eat (even with only 3 teeth, just chop it or mash it!). My daughter just got her top teeth but when she had only two was able to eat french toast, pasta, baby pizza (bread with tomato sauce and cheese). She also ate (totally over cooked) broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, butternut squash, etc. Just recently I have been chopping up roast beef or turkey and mixing it in with potatoes or bread and gravy. They love it. Usually give veggies 1st then the main course.

Check out this website for other ideas. It focusses on homemade babyfood but the charts are helpful for letting you know what your baby can eat when. There are some neat ideas for finger foods too.


Melanie - posted on 09/30/2010




Well my lil Meg is 11 months and her routine is milk as soon as she gets up, then she some oats or pulses porridge, then about an hour later she a rava dish or some idlis and by 12 or 12.30 is ready for lunch which is rice, soup, veggie, pulses and then by 3.00 she is ready for another bottle of milk, for tea she has biscuits and later in the evening her rice or idlis again and last of all a bottle of milk again. But there is alot of stuff she eats in between - any and everything goes into her mouth. she has 4 teeth up and 2 down so she's able to chew well - so from biscuits to chips to french fries to plain veggies to apples, etc goes down :)

Lauren - posted on 09/30/2010




plus i think the baby jars are good when you want a takeaway or something they cant have i have them just incase the cow and cate ones are nice :)

Lauren - posted on 09/30/2010




try doing pasta with tomato nd veg sauce with just a lil cheese my daughter loves that or colliflower cheese with plain chedder sauce for mash and veg try normal potato nd sweet potato together that works a treat :)

Cheryl - posted on 09/26/2010




Since I have posted this I have given my son everything I eat. I was surprised to see him pop food in his mouth and eat it without a problem!! Thanks to you all. It put my mind at ease to know that he would be okay with any type of food. Oh, he loves to eat!! Not too picky. He doesn't like green beans or scrambled eggs. Last night at Olive Garden we ordered him pasta, chicken and broccoli. He nearly ate everything on his plate!! He is doing so well. Whew!!

Donna - posted on 09/19/2010




lol my baby has 5 teeth and 2 on the way. i feed her waffles, popcorn, fries, corn, green beans, hotdogs, spaghetti. she uses her jaws to mash up her food, we just cut most of the stuff up really small

Cheryl - posted on 09/19/2010




Thanks, everyone. I have been giving him more variety. I am just very scared of him choking on stuff since he doesn't have teeth to chew it up. I don't fry his french fries, I bake them in the oven. Although I'm not the healthest, I'm trying to be more so for my son. It is just difficult to make meals when it is just he and I during the week. Daddy works away from home during the week. My pediatrician also said not to give him seafood. I'm a little confused since it seems a number of you feed your LOs fish.

Jessie - posted on 09/18/2010




I feed my baby everything we eat that is soft enough for her to mash since she only has her bottom 2 teeth. Her favorite right now is broccoli, steamed until the stems are soft, and she eats it all, she loves meat, bread,, pasta drizzled with olive oil, I give her bits of avocado, a variety of steamed veggies, diced apples. She has even eaten a slice of lemon, and loves kung pao chicken (no peanuts for allergy issues). Personally I would not give my l.o. anything deepfried-like french fries.

[deleted account]

MY LO eats everything the only things I have not given him are Honey, whole nuts (he has peanut butter etc and small chopped nuts) and sushi.

His favourites are:

Chicken curry and rice,
Lasagne or spagetti bolognese,
Shepards pie or cottage pie,
Chilli con carne with rice,
Sunday roasts (with any meat)
Salmon and pesto with potatoes,
Pasta with pesto and cheese.

I have more but those are his favourites.

Jessica - posted on 09/16/2010




for breakfast my lil guy loves - pancakes, toast with jam cut into fingers, mushed bananas, cherrios, yogert.
for lunch he has had raviolli, kraft dinner with ground beef, boiled carrots he can hold, grilled cheese peeled apart, soups,
Dinner he just eats what we eat. I cut his meat into little pieces, he gets the same veggies as us loves peas and corn as finger food, potatoes sweet potatoes, boiled broccilli and cauliflower. he has had our spagetti sauce and all (thats a little messy take off his shirt!) and loves it, even chicken nuggets cut into bitesize pieces and french fries with ketchup to dip.
For desert he loves ice cream cones (no ice cream)

I always made his food so if you are not comfortable with the bitesized stuff put it in the blender for a minute or 2. My friends lil girl has no teeth and shes eating all that stuff .

GOod luck, this is the most fun so far for me! The only things he hasnt had are nuts, kiwis, honey.

Lise - posted on 09/15/2010




My lo eats everything I do (and is just getting her first 2 teeth). I just cut the food into small pieces. Shredded meat, bread, all veggies, lots of fruit, spaghetti...

Melissa - posted on 09/15/2010




great suggestions so far! My baby is 11 months old and eat everything (healthy) that I eat. By 1 year I think they should be off 'baby foods' and eating healthy table foods. A few more ideas: adult cereal (soak it in milk or mix a bit of boiling water in to soften it up) ANY fruit or vegetable cut into appropriate sizes, sweet potato fries, butternut squash chunks, healthy muffins, cooked meats, fresh fish, whole grain or brown rice and vegetables, pasta with homemade sauce, homemade macaroni and cheese, soft beans (be careful with canned beans as they often contain EDTA a dangerous preservative) tuna casserol, healthy sandwhiches, whole grain breads with jam, chilli (remove babys before adding a lot of salt) grilled cheese sandwhiches, homemade french fries. The other moms were right your little one can and should be eating everything you are. My girl only has 2 teeth and tends to choke if I let her decide what she can handle so I simply cut or rip up pieces of food and put them on her tray and she feeds herself. Good luck! Wholesomebabyfoods.com is a great webiste too.

Siobhan - posted on 09/14/2010




my baby is 11 months old and eats everything down to curries chop suey sausages sunday dinners everything everything we eat grace eats, even when she had a few teeth she still could chew also the doctors say too give them it they will stop themselves from chocking and it has worked a treat for my baby

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