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Expecting Moms Due May 2012

I am currently pregnant and due May 18 2012. I thought it would be nice to connect with other pregnant mothers due around the same time and chat through the lovely next 9 months together. This is my second child, my daughter will be 2 Nov. 14th. Neither of the pregnancies were planned, and this one definitely took us by surprise. We are very happy non the less!


2nd pregnancy, so different!

Hey ladies, I'm due 31st may with my second baby, this time round is sooo different. I had the most wonderfully perfect easy pregnancy with my son (with horrendous labour,...


in need for a job

ladies i really need a job so that i can go back to school i want to do nursing but i dont have the money for it, if and my child is starting school this year if you got...


Older sibling jealousy

Is this the 2nd child for anyone else here? My little boy was born 19th of May, his older sister was born September 2009 which makes her three next month. Though she loves her...


are you a Spring 2012 momma?

I was wondering if you would be interested in joining my Facebook Mommies Group for woman who had their babies in the same month as you?! I've been part of " The Bumps November...


New here!

Heyy, my name is Neomi, and I had my second son May 11th and my first was born May 6th 2011!


Is Polysporin safe for baby rash?

I have an almost 4 month old baby and my husband insists on putting Polysporin on his rash...honestly, his answer for a lot of things is Polysporin. Any advice for a bad baby rash?


Formula choices

Does anyone have some advice on which formula is best to mix with breast milk. I am breastfeeding, however, due to stress (due to relationship/family problems), I have had to...