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Angela - posted on 09/08/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




Hello Ladies,

Do your kids clap or wave bye yet? We are trying to teach our almost 10 months old son to do it...Every day before leaving for work I wave him bye response...When we show him clapping motion he doesn't repeat after us...When I try to hold his hands to clap, sometimes he opens up his fingers and claps, but sometimes he just keeps them up in a fist...I read on some website that the kids this age are supposed to know how to do these actions already...


Michelle - posted on 09/09/2010




Hi, all children develope at different times. My daughter started clapping at 8 months and waving at 9 months. She will be 10 months next week. Like Kimberley Gill, I sang 'If your happy and you know it' constantly and clapped hands repeatedly. Amelia thought it was exciting and then just started to clap too.


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Jleehans80 - posted on 10/17/2013




My son is barely a year old, and he doesn't clap or wave. He doesn't show any interest in either. I am not too worried partly because he was 6 weeks premature and partly because we haven't focused much on doing those things. He is very independent, perfectly on track in every other area of developing skills, and he can bang two toys together with his hands, so I think it is a case of letting your kid develop in their own time. Obviously, if your son is 18 months old and still no clapping or waving, you may need to look into it. But I just try to spend five or ten minutes a day clapping with him, helping him clap, and we wave at him when we say bye-bye or hello. I refuse to get my panties in a wad over the whole thing. He will probably get it when you least expect him to.

Rebecca - posted on 09/14/2010




The way I taught my daughter was to hold her hands and clap them together while singing "clap clap clap your hands, clap your little hands. clap clap clap your hands, clap your little hands" (to the same tune as row your boat). Then I would go around the house singing the song to myself and clapping. After watching me do that and doing it with her for a few weeks, she started doing it herself! She's ten months tomorrow and she only just really started doing it on her own. I wouldn't worry about what other websites say. Every baby is different and they will do things in their own time!!

Leah - posted on 09/12/2010




Thats too funny you posted this question because I was just wondering it myself. Just reading in "What to expect the first year" (my Bible) and it said that 10 months old 'should' be able to clap hand together. Umm, nothing yet. I tried showing him today, just he just bunched his hands up and I clapped his two fists together lol. Then again, he JUST said his first word yesterday (it was Mama btw :D) so he was slow in that regard as well. But on the flip side, he was rolling over by his 2 month birthday and sitting steady by 5 months, crawling by 8. So he was pretty advanced in those regards. Every baby develops differently and at their own pace. I wouldn't worry too much about it (but as mom's how can we not worry ;) ). Just keep waving 'bye-bye' and one day he'll wave back and you'll be floored!

Sarah - posted on 09/12/2010




Just Give Your Little One Time. Maybe He Just Doesn't Like Clapping Or Waving Just Yet. My Son Is 9 Months Old & Has Been Clapping Since He Was About 6 Months Old, But He Doesn't Wave, Lol. Your Little One Will Pick Up On It Before You Know It! (: Just Try Clapping When He Does Something Well. That's What I Did With My Son. It's All About Praise! ((:

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Brody is just 10months now, and he hasn't really got the hang of claping, he will wave every now and then. I am not to worried about it, but I do work on it a little each day.

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Logan is 9 months old and does clap and wave, He usually waves when we wave but doesn't always clap when we clap, and sometimes he claps instead of waves then after waves instead of claps...just because he gets a chuckle I think lol! My health visitor did look for those types of things at his 9 month check but they aren't essential until 1 year old.

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My daughter just started with hi (she doesn't wave when you say bye-bye). As for clapping, nope not that. She will however splash and kick if asked, but she's also in swimming lessons.

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my ten month old isn't doing either but he seems to be doing a one hand clap whenever the theme song to gilmore girls comes on (i have all the dvd's). it's like he wants to clap along but can only get one hand going!! it's actually really cute. i guess it's a combo of a clap and a wave. i keep trying to teach him and i guess he'll get it in the end!!

Hayley - posted on 09/08/2010




I have also been told 12months is the age they look at for things like that. My 10mnth old claps at everything but doesnt do anything else. She seems to do things out of her age bracket but nothing in it, like crawling & waving. I wouldn't worry too much about it he will pick it up in his own time & if it is getting close to 12months & he still isn't doing it then I would talk to your dr.

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The guideline for clapping and waving is around 12 months so I wouldn't worry to much about it. I've been showing my 10 month old son how to clap for months. He only finally just started clapping 2 weeks ago out of the blue. As for waving, he only waves when he feels like it and is not consistent with it. Usually when I wave bye he claps his hands instead. lol

Kimberley - posted on 09/08/2010




i wouldnt worry mostly every child develops at diffrent stages, my daughter is near 10 month and she has just learned to clap her hands, i used to sit her on my lap n sing if your happy and you know it clap your hands i done this for about 2 - 3 weeks and clapped her hands for her she now claps as soon as i start to sing she started to wave last month but now she only does this now and again

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