Do you make your own baby food?

Erin - posted on 06/01/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




Okay ladies, I have seen other conversations on this but I need your recommendations on resources you're using to help you make your own baby food.

So far I have heard of the following: (maybe you can give me your feedback too)
1. Super Baby Food Diet
4. Simply Natural Baby Food

We just started solids last week so I am still new at this. We have one of those steamer/blender machines which I hope will make it all easier. I know they say to freeze the food in ice trays but I don't have ice trays (any other way to do this?).

Thanks for your help!


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I make my all my sons food and only use jars when out and about. I freeze some in ice cube trays but recently have started freezing some in little tupperware pots which means I can defrost the whole pot rather than several cubes =]

Rebecca - posted on 06/04/2010




i make most of my sons food. i usd the ice cube trays to start with until i got enough small containers for a big batch of food. i use jars when im out and reuse them to put my homemade food in. i cook a big batch at a time. last batch was enough for almost a month of vegetables and 3 weeks of fruit and i just get a container of each out each morning and its defrosted in the fridge bu the time he is ready for it in the evenings. dont stress if you cant cook as there are alot of good quality baby foods on the market.


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Ereni - posted on 06/04/2010




Concerning ice trays-once the food is frozen you can pop them out and put them in a glass tupperware!

Dorothy - posted on 06/04/2010




YES! we just started with solids and i am making my own food. SO much better for babes not to mention MUCH more economical. i am feeding twins!! i did a lot of research on books and stuff too. i talked to other moms who made their own and "super baby foods" seems to be the best resource. the author is very "earthy". so not all of it may be for you, but she does have great suggestions on foods and how to prepare, store, thaw. the book is easy to use right away. you don't have to read the whole thing. i am skipping around to what i need. we started with commercial rice cereal (but i hope to try making my own cereal too at some point). so far, we have only done sweet potatoes and bananas, but it is VERY easy. if you don't have ice trays, they are generally inexpensive to buy, but if not, there are lots of other ways to do it. you can even just use a cookie sheet or something and "plop" servings like you would for cookies. good luck!

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Ice cube trays are the best. I don't worry about blending, just steam the food and then mush it with a fork. It gives the food a bit of texture and if you mush it when it's warm it's easy. He hasn't choked on anything and loves it. I tend to give him whatever is in the fridge, I'll cut up stuff for us for dinner and steam some for him too :)

Leigh - posted on 06/02/2010




I have made every ounce of food that my son has eaten for the last 2 months. I like It has good tips on what freezes well, what to feed at what ages and what to hold off on and recipes for first foods.

Making food is easy. Frozen peas and green beans - boil/steam, cool and run through a food processor. I have baked sweet potatoes and squash and mushed it up, Fresh carrots I boil/steam, cool then run through a food processor. I recently bought fresh parsnips and did them the same as fresh carrots. Fruit: I have used canned peaches and pears (b/c fresh is not available yet here), fresh plums - cook down with some water, mush up. You can either cook down apples or use natural applesauce.

I make a whole bunch of everything about every 2-3 weeks, freeze it in BabyFresh food trays (BPAfree at BabiesRUs), then store in Ziploc bags. I was having trouble with all the bags in the freezer so I bought a tupperware bin and put them in it in the freezer - now they don't fall on me everytime I open the door.

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I just went to the dollar store and bought ice cube trays that have lids. I bought 6 trays so I can do a few foods at a time. I then label everything in containers and stack it in the deep freezer. Every few days I take out 2 days worth of food and let it defrost in the fridge in small covered bowls. Works great.

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recommend you get the ice cube trays as once you have tested each food to make sure there is no reaction, its the perfect way to mix and match. for example i have frozen cubes of pear, apple, mango, strawbs etc and they are kept in the freezer in a tupperware box. i take out 3 or 4 cubes per meal, my little boy loves strawberry and mango. have another box for veggies and will do same for meet, chicken, fish and sauces.

good luck!

Angela - posted on 06/01/2010




i make my baby's food. he had apples, pears, carrots (didn't like them) and apricots. I wash, peel, seed, and boil everything (including apricots). then I put it through baby food grinder (munchkin makes a good one). No need to add salt, sugar, or pepper... I do freeze the food I make. I won't trust ice cube trays. You don't want to leave the food uncovered in the freezer. I bought containers especially made for freezing baby food They are made by "vital baby".

Tereza - posted on 06/01/2010




hi i cant cook to save my life so have been using the annabel karmel books 100 purees xx

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