gonna be 30 weeks and going on holiday have to fly any tips for the holiday?


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Tanya - posted on 05/09/2010




You might want to call your airlines and see if they will even allow you to fly. I know our airport here will not allow you to fly once you get to 28 weeks, and will deny you access to the plane even if you have purchased a ticket.

I would call and talk to the airlines and see they have any restrictions about flying and same with your airport counter attendants that deal with your airlines.

Good luck, hope all goes good!!

Lyndsey - posted on 04/27/2010




thank you i do have a 6 yr old son but his dad and both his grandparants are with us to so they can help with all off the kids 2 off um stepkids we booked it last year so didnt think i was gonna be going while having a baby but cant let the the kids down i will take all your tips on bored

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Good luck! I went on a driving trip from BC to Alberta when I was 8months pregnant with my last baby. We just had a family vacation before baby was due. We already had 1 child. Everything went fine. I was just thinking after the fact that the baby could have come early and been born in another province. It would have been ok, but nothing I would have planned. She was born a couple days before her due date and born at home. Just beware you never know when baby will come. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Melinda - posted on 04/27/2010




Is this your first child? If you don't have another kid to look after while you fly (which is insane), bring your own favorite pillow. I love those bean bag type pillows because they morphe to your body. You can also bring a blanket for extra comfort. Drink lots of water, even though you are going to have to pee alot. It will seriously help with bloating around your ankles. So will taking short walks (which you will do anyways if you are peeing all the tim) If you have room, try to keep your feet up as much as you can. And what I think is the best tip, before you sit down and get comfortable, put everything you think you will need in the seat pocket in front of you so you never have to bend over.

Shawna - posted on 04/27/2010




Sry I can't help.. lol. I'd say request an extra pillow to keep yourself comfortable. A good book to read, and maybe a couple tylenol in case you get a headache. Or just nap, you might need to rest for later.

I'm going on a hour & 1/2 drive, 3wks before I'm due... my choice, for a concert... but luckily I have someone else who can drive if I'm not up to it.

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