...Is it easier the 2nd time around?

Rebecca - posted on 09/09/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




This is gonna be my second child and I am still nervous although I have already been through it before. Not really looking forward to the aftermath pain again. Do you think it was easier for you?


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Simone - posted on 02/25/2011




I found my second better and quicker, my first was a c-section after a very long labour with slow progression. I had my daughter in September naturally - and yes the pain is still there but atleast you know what to expect. I was just so over-joyed that I was able to give birth without a c-section. I have also been blessed with a amazing little girl that is a great sleeper and very loving 2 yr old.

Frances - posted on 02/22/2011




For me, my second birth was the easiest, but the postpartum was the worst of all. My two year old decided to stop sleeping through the night and she would keep me up when the baby was sleeping. There was only 4 hours out of 24 that they were both asleep. Do you have any parents or friends nearby who can help you postpartum? I was sick ten days of every month for six months. I ran a fever as high as 105. The high fever has permanently diminished my night vision and the severe sinus infection has permanently affected my sense of smell.

LaToya - posted on 09/11/2010




Both of mine were c-section, the second I didn't really get very far into labor but, aside from the back pain that followed the spinal they did to inject my meds, it is much easier for me this time. With my daughter, I had staples after surgery and they removed them 2 days after I was discharged from the hospital and I cried every time I sneezed or coughed and I had to hold in laughs to avoid the pain. This time I have stitches and I can laugh and sneeze and move around. The only thing I can't do is pick my 16mo up unless I'm sitting down. I think the fact that my son is smaller than my daughter was helps. Hope everything goes good for you.

Danielle - posted on 09/11/2010




Had my baby girl August 30th...the recovery was easier...the lack of sleep is worse and the amount of work is harder. We'll adjust in time just like we did with our firsts though :)

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I don't know about it being easier, but it is faster. My daughter was born so fast, the Dr wasn't even there. I still remember being in shock that she was born and that I was done. My son took an hour of pushing, with my daughter - I don't remember even pushing. The contractions were strong enough to push her out without my help.
I've just had my 3rd child and he was even faster, at least there was a Dr this time, but he only had time to put one glove on. The pain is still there (sorry, but it's true), but at least the birthing part was over with quicker.
On the healing aspect of it, I had 40 stitches with my first and took a long time to heal and be able to "get around" the house or out of the house. With my other two, I only had 3 stitches and then one stitch. With both of them, I was fine the next day - amazing! The human body is so amazing.

Don't phyc yourself out about the birth, it will happen and you'll do fine I'm sure. Just look forward to meeting your new bundle of joy and congrats!

Tabatha - posted on 09/11/2010




My son was my second and I just recently had him on the first of theis month.its was easier at first.my water broke so I went in.But I could only feel my cramps in the front which i prefered the back pain,because i had such bad period cramps growing up.But anyway once I had the epidural i could only feel pain in my cervix.and the epidural only took the cramps away but lets just say besides those being gone it was like natural labor.I felt my self tear&felt all the horrible natural birth pain.so my advice is if you needed two doses with your first one(if you got an epidural)its probably not going to work the second time.So my advice is make sure your partner is ready to help you breath and focus on the prize.Mine was super supoortive and constantly reminded me to breath through the contracts which shocking does help with the pain.So breath and focus on the prize!

Lauren - posted on 09/10/2010




Statistically speaking it should be easier and shorter, but every birth is different. My 3rd is due on the 22nd and I'm stressing about the birth but hoping for the best.

Theresa - posted on 09/10/2010




i just had my lil boy on the second and i dont think its easier pretty much the same but i had to recover faster then normal i was discharged a day after i had him because he got transferred to a different hospital

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