my 15 month old baby under weight

Dora - posted on 12/04/2011 ( 16 moms have responded )




my 15 month old baby weight is 16 pounds which is too poor for her age, her doctor said that i can give her complan milk,can someone pls help me on what to give her to gain weight, another problem here is she doesnt like to eat, i have tried everything i could to make her eat but to no avail,pls help!!!!!! i'm worried.


Angela - posted on 12/15/2011




My daughter is the same age, and is under weight. My doctor recommended substituting milk for Pediasure. It has double the calories and is full of nutrients for light eaters. I also make lots of pasta, and she loves it. Since starting the pediasure alone, she has gained a couple of pounds. Your baby will never go hungry, so don't worry. It's easier said than done, but if he/she is healthy in every other way there is nothing wrong. Kids aren't all built the same, so don't get caught up with statistics.

LauraBeth - posted on 12/08/2011




Does she like pasta? my little girl does and they make pasta that is like eatting a serving of veggies, I boil them in chicken broth for added protien and then take the Gerber chicken sticks and mash them into a paste and then lightly cover them in alfredo sauce, she eats them up. I wouldnt worry to much about her weight if she is healthy in every other aspeck, my little one is 20lb and 31in the Dr. said she is very thin but I shouldnt worry because she is growning faster length wise then out lol, little ones are so very active too that they burn food faster too. My two year old son gets pedisure sidekicks because he is growning so fast (he is in the 99% for height and 70% for weight) look online for recipes to "hide" food into dishes that she enjoys, hope this helps

Marsia - posted on 10/23/2014




i have a 15 month old too that is only 18 pounds but my dr said hes developing good and to switch him to whole milk but i still worry because my family and friends are always saying hes too skinny!

Kimberly - posted on 12/21/2011




My daughter turned two in nov and up until she was 18 months she really didnt eat solid food. There would be days that she would eat something then could for a week before wanting food again. She was b/f and they actually told me not to wean her because that was the only thing we could get her to have. I was admitted to a clinic and they helped with her feeding/sleeping. She is a good eater just not a very big one. We learnt that quality or quanity is the best so if you can only get three bites in make them good, low gi food that will benifit them for longer. Also sometimes little snacks more through the day are easier for them to handle. Yogurts,cheese, custards, fruit, veggies, meat, pasta, toast( try to get wholemeal or multigrain) lunchmeats, toasted sandwhichs, etc. It takes time and they may just be kids that arent ever going to be big, I know that doesnt help your stress leaves but they will get there. You are doing all the right things and being a great mom because you are worried about them. As pedi said to me just because a little kids is fat doesnt mean they are healthier, she's seen lots of good eater with troubles too!! My daughter is just under 21lbs now at 25 months so not even on the charts anymore but she was sick and will hopefully get it back. It took us over a year to gain a kg


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Brandy - posted on 12/28/2012




My 2 1/2 year old has been stuck at 24lbs and my 4 1/2 year old has been stuck at 34lbs for a while now. Both of my kids eat very well and they eat a variety of foods. For us it's genetics. My husband was tiny my neace (on my husband's side) is 6 weeks older than my daughter and just hit the growth charts. Also my neace on my side is 8 weeks younger than my son and is his same size. Look into the size that you and daddy where at that age and also siblings, cousins, and other family members.
Good luck

Alissa - posted on 02/21/2012




Add calories to everything you feed her. Use peanut butter, oils, butter, ranch, sour cream, whipped cream, powdered milk, cheese. Also I would highly recommend having a feeding evaluation sometimes there is more going on than you know.

Arley - posted on 02/16/2012




My daughter is 17 months and only weighs 18lbs. When I took her in for her last check-up she was in the .3 percentile (yes, that is a dot before the 3!). Her pediatrician isn't concerned about her. She is happy, healthy, and has tiny little fat rolls on her legs and arms. She will go through stages where I feel like she doesn't eat anything, and will then out of the blue start eating like a little piggy. She is offered food at the normal meal times, breakfast, lunch, and dinner - but I also offer her snacks in between meals (I think she has a high metabolism like me, and she is really active and burns it up quickly). I usually give her fruit or whole wheat organic crackers (she likes graham crackers and cheese flavored crackers) Also, I always make sure I give my daughter whole milk. She was breast fed until she was a year old and we went right to whole milk after that. My biggest piece of advice is don't worry. Babies can sense tension in their parents, and if yours senses it she may not want to eat.

Keri - posted on 12/17/2011




Not sure its going to help in any way except maybe reassuring you but my older son had a problem gaining weight, and was actually categorized as failure to thrive, every test they took came back no medical problems, he just couldnt gain weight, he is currently 2.5 and weighs 21 pounds, my 15 month old weighs about 19 pounds, the doctors are testing him for allergies, both are VERY good eaters! just cant gain weight for some reason...

Rachel - posted on 12/15/2011




My daughter is almost 15 months and weighs just a little more than yours and she does eat. As long as she is healthy in every other way. Walking, learning etc. then just keep feeding her. Babies do not over eat normally. They will eat till they are full then stop. If she isn't sick....just watch her and pediasure is always a good way to go. Good Luck and blessings.

Cassie - posted on 12/13/2011




My oldest boy went through a stage like that and the doc told me when they get ready to eat they will mine did just took time. My 15 month old weighs 20 but at first it took her a little bit of time to gain weight. Just if she wants junk food give it too her DO NOT FORCE feed them.

Shauna - posted on 12/11/2011




Okay, so my boy has been 4th percentile, and we're working our way up. His doctor said to calorie pack him, but I didn't want to start unhealthy habits like eating chips and milkshakes all day, because that could lead to worse problems down the road. So, we've basically done 2 things consistently that have helped:

(1) We put cream cheese, peanut butter, or nutella on bagels, crackers, bananas, apples... whatever, at least once a day.

(2) We make one cup of his milk each day with Carnation instant breakfast. That adds calories, protein, and nutrients. His doctor said something (Pediasure?) was great, but that instant breakfast was certainly good for a much cheaper price. (We don't make every cup this for the cost, but also we don't want him to think chocolate milk is the only milk!)

We also every once in a while offer him a few bites of a cookie or ice cream or whatever. As long as it's not habit-forming or a lot, then it's fine. :)

Rachel - posted on 12/09/2011




I dont know where you are but i have the same problem with my daughter she is 21 months old and she still is just about 20lbs we have this stuff called carnation instant breakfast. it is a breakfast drink that has all the daily vitamins and calories you need I give my daughter about 2 packets a day because she also does not eat. you could also try toddler formula but that stuff smells horrible and my daughter refused to drink it. another thing that is good for them is yogurt and other dairy stuff. Also you can try cereal bars like breakfast bars my daughter will also eat them. Usually whatever she will eat any given day i will give her because she is soooo tiny i just worry that she isnt eating.

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