thinking about changing obgyn! advice?

Nicole - posted on 07/24/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




i'm 31 weeks pregnant and was put in the hospital a few times for contractions. the first time, they gave me the shot and sent me home since the contractions seemed to stop. they started up a few days later and were worse then ever! i had a doctors appointment the same day the contractions started again, and they told me i needed to go back to the hospital again. i went back in and the doctors told me i had dialated only a 1/2 cm. i was in there for at least four hours and when they checked me again, i was a full cm dialated. obviously they kept me overnight to see if everything would be okay. they gave me numerous shots of terbutaline and it seemed to ease the contractions (from what i felt). they told me that i was still contracting overnight in my sleep so they gave me the terbutaline pill to take every four hours. when i was sent home, they diagnosed me with preterm labor, so i'm on bedrest until 36wks.

i was told to make an appointment a few days later and thats exactly what i did. i went in and a different doctor told me i wwasnt dialated at all! he told me to continue taking the medicine, but in the hospital, the eother doctor told me i could only take it if i was dialating and contracting, which is what she said i was doing in the hospital. then she proceeded to tell me that she thinks i'll end up going into labor around 37/38 weeks since i'll be just stopping the medication altogether, which can cause the cervix to thin and contractions to start up again. i'm getting so many different answers from different doctors, i'm so confused.

also, another doctor at my OB told me i had a past history of having urinary tract infections during my pregnancy? i've never had any from what i was told throughout my entire pregnancy. they always told me that everything looked perfect. now they want me to go to a urologist.

should i change doctors? or should i ride it out a little bit longer with these guys since i'm stuck on bedrest and medication until 36 weeks? i'm given so many different answers and i'm worried about my daughters safety, but there's only 9 weeks left and most of those 9 weeks i'm on bedrest. what should i do?


Hazel - posted on 07/30/2010




I had a suspected placental abruption last week and lost two pints of blood. Also had all the contractions etc and was kept in 6days. Most of the doctors/midwives etc were brilliant but on one night I suffered another bleed and a midwife just told me to go back to bed!! It was 1am and I was so scared I as just going to be left to bleed to death to be honest. I rang my boyf and he came straight up and demanded to see a doctor - TWICE! When the doctor came up he sat us down and we discussed everything with him and I asked for him to give me an internal to settle my mind which he did. The evil (trust me she was/is) midwife just sat there giving me filthy looks probably hoping I wouldn't say anything....... anyway, I told the doctor I was worried I would bleed to death on the ward because this midwife clearly didnt give a crap about me (Ooooops). I coulnt help it, was so furious that she just wanted me to go back to bed without anyone at all checking my blood pressure, heart rate etc after yet another bleed that I didn't care.

After the doctor left she was as nice as pie and remained so the rest of my stay.

In my opinion if you are unhappy with anything get second opinions, demand second opinions. Let them know your concerns and that your not happy - you are the patient and they have a duty to care for you both emotionally and physically. You dont have to change Drs to get a second opinion anyway. I would definitely speak up though otherwise you'll be spending nine weeks of bedrest, when you should relaxing, stressing out.

Also, any question, no matter how small, write down - next time you see someone ask them. Good Luck xx


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Danielle - posted on 07/31/2010




Wow that's very confusing. My doctor is the only one at his practice so he's the only one I see. But when I went to have my first son, my doctor was not the doctor on call and the doctor who actually delivered me completely disagreed with my doctor's diagnosis (my doctor was saying I was 5cm dilated and the baby was at +1...the on call doctor said that my labour wasn't progressing, the baby was at -3, and that I needed a c-section). Long story short, my son arrived safely by c-section and regardless I think I would've needed one...but what I learned from the experience is different doctors and nurses all have different opinions too. If you can find an ob-gyn who is the only one in his/her practice I think that would be ideal for you. It sounds like by seeing all of these different doctors you're just getting the run around. If it's only making you more worried you need to do what will help make you feel most comfortable.

Nicole - posted on 07/24/2010




thanks, that helps a lo actually [: and i know where you're coming from with the bedrest. ugh, very boring! my mom also works in a school system, but she's a secretary so she works in the summer and my boyfriend works constantly in the day so it makes for a long day.

i'm not sure if i can go as far as to saying i trust these doctors. i see 5 different ones and they're all give me a runaround answer and nothing direct. i haven't been seeing them for long, only since i first got pregnant.

i've asked about the UTI thing, but the problem is, is that everytime i ask i get a different answer by every doctor. some say they haven't seen any growth when they've done the dipstick and others say they see it. i've even had a doctor look way back into the pregnancy to find out if i've had one, and nothing was found. i usually go in, they do the pee test and they tell me everything looks good. then on my next visit i get told that there was a bacteria thats causing a UTI. it's very hot and cold with them.

i thought the same thing. i don't really see a point in changing doctors now especially since i'm on bedrest for the next 5 weeks. there's only 4 more to go after that, i just want my daughter to be safe and i want to know what's going on.

Laura - posted on 07/24/2010




It's hard to gauge how far dilated you are...everyone's fingers a slightly different in size!!! It's stressful not knowing what to belive or not believe when you have different people telling you different things. That's the problem with large offices and "too many cooks in the pot." Do you trust your doctor and are just confused by what the others are saying?

I'm 33 weeks and also on bedrest...every extra week helps! I trust my doctor, helps that I've been seeing him for 11 years! But not to fond of the lady that covers for him when he's away. We have a little side agreement that he takes call for me 24/7 (as long as in town) even if she is on call for the weekend.

I would ask them to be tell you more about the UTI issue as sometimes that can contribute to preterm labor as well. If they feel your urine is an issue, on top of doing the typical office "dip stick" they can send it out for culture and sensitivity. Sometimes we shed extra white cells etc and can look or imply an infection while prego...not always the case. I just went through the same thing, had mine sent out and it grew nothing!

Trust me, been on bedrest now for almost 2's no picinic. Bored out of my mind!! Not sure what I would do if my mom wasnt off work for the summer (she a teacher) as I have two other kids, a 10yr old and a 2 yr old!

At 31 weeks, I myself probably wouldnt switch doctors, that would only add for more confusion. If you are still getting different answers and confused, ask to be seen by only one of the dr in the practice routinely so that they know you and you know them.

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