Expecting Twins in 2010 and a Mommy Already?

I created this group as a sort of support/share group for mommies who already have children and who are expecting twins in the coming new year.



Im expecting my b/g twins March 5th (c-section) and i already have a 12 yr old daughter and an almost 4yr old son. Very excited!!


Breast Feeding

Does anyone have any info on breast feeding twins if so I would like to hear it I don't think i'm going to be feeding both at the same time I plan to pump so I can feed one and...


Mommy meet up?

Just posing a question to everyone, would any of you be interested in a Mommy Meet? I haven't started planning anything yet, just want to know how many of you were interested. I...


Due dates?

I am due May 25th, but the doctor has told me that she will be taking them at 38 weeks making their arrival date somewhere around the 10th or 11th of May. When is everyone else...


Here's the hash

Okay, so this month has been a long one. I delivered the twins 4 weeks and 1 day early. Then the morning before we were discharged from the hospital, Galen was transferred down...



Hey everyone, good news. Connor is okay. YAY! I have just made it past 34 weeks and am starting the countdown to May 11th. Sorry I haven't posted more regularly. Will be in...


My Apologies

Sorry I have not been on in a while. My son Connor is having some medical problems and it has been a very exhausting time for us. I will post more on this matter after march...



You guys are amazing! I can't believe how awesome you all are and I know it's silly but I am astounded that we already have 12 members. That is so cool! I want to thank all of...