10 weeks late/negative blood test

Coolkat - posted on 09/14/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




hey, everyone. i need HELP! i haven't had a period in 10 weeks as of tomorrow. i have taken several pregnancy test, all of them were negative. the symptoms I've been having include: nausea, headaches, soft cramps, fatigue, frequent urination, and 2 of my wisdom teeth have my entire left cheek swollen/hurting out of nowhere (this happened to me during my pregnancy last year with my top right wisdom tooth). also, i spotted a couple of weeks ago when i first woke up. i thought it was my period because when i wiped it was red. but when i returned to the bathroom about an hour later, i wiped and it was brown. i haven't spotted brown since my first pregnancy last year in 2015. after that morning the spotting disappeared and i haven't bled since. so, i finally went to the doctor last week and got my blood work done. i received the results today. the doctor said my blood work tested negative and that i need vitamin D because it was low in my system. i immediately started crying when i got off of the phone. i seriously don't understand what's going on. it's driving me insane! last year i had a still birth at 8 months pregnant. so this is very traumatizing just not knowing what's going on...but i truly believe i am pregnant. please, can anyone help? this is so important to my fiancé and i. has anyone been severely late on their period, received a negative hpt and blood test, yet still ended up being pregnant?!


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Prgs19 - posted on 10/19/2016




Are you sure you really feel your pregnancy? Do you think it is cryptic pregnancy by any chance, this occurs in some rare cases, in woman with PCOS and other conditions. Even in cryptic, sometimes tests turn positive(and sometimes negative).

But it is better not to overthink if the tests are negative, this may effect and strain your body, try to conceive again. Hoping the best for you...

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