1st time expecting and completely scarred.

Lacey - posted on 06/19/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




im 22 and this is my 1st pregnancy that ive known about (ive had a miscarriage 2yrs ago) i am going to keep it and im a complete amature about whats coming in the next months ie. birthing scares the living crap out of me. im about 4 months and couple weeks, the father is in my life for the babys sake but im not holding him to it, but still letting him be involved keeping that open (like dr visits if he wants to go and things like that) were not together but i really dont know what to do in the sence of giving the baby whos last name.?
But birthing is what scares me and not knowing a lot of things scares me to, this being my 1st time i understand not having knowledge of it. if there's any incite anyone can give me it would be greatly appreciated.


Kate - posted on 06/27/2012




Ask your obgyn if there are any classes offered at the hospital where you are going to have the baby. They usually have some- it's good information for you, plus you get to meet other people who are expecting around the same time- so there's support from them too.


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Tanya - posted on 07/02/2012




Congrats on being pregnant! It's a wonderful time even with all it's flaws (nausea, heartburn, headaches, etc). As everyone else has mentioned reading is a great way to get information and because it's with you all the time you can refer back to it if you think you may have forgotten something you consider important and also birthing classes are a great help. About birthing - choose where you want to have the baby early on and plan for an emergency too as you'll never know how your baby will venture into this world until the actual day. My first was at the hospital - she was posteria (backwards) and I needed an epidural although it never took the pain away, my second I wanted to have at home, but because of his size (9 pds 1 oz) my midwife was concerned about him getting stuck, which we needn't have worried, and we arranged to do it at the hospital. Now I'm 28 wks with our last baby and plan to have her at home as she seems to be on the small side and I feel after 2 births I'm well prepared to handle anything. Oh and don't fret the actual birth it's the contractions you need to worry about, they are what hurts, you don't really feel much of the baby coming down and out but the pain from contractions can really knock you for a 6. If you're not good with pain, consider pain relief and there are lots out there that can help. Playing soft, relaxing music, burning incense, etc can help keep you calm and focused while you breathe so decide what best suits you. In my case walking helped the most, I walked around the corridors pretty much until I felt the need to push, I made the experience to what was best for me. Good luck and I hope some of that helped =)

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Well, congratulations mommie! You will be fine. Don't be scared. Relax and enjoy your baby growing inside you.

Now, time to educate. You must begin to read. Read,read,read. Babycenter.com is a great site that helped me prepare for my first baby. Tells you what to expect week by week.

And you must take a look at your delivery options.. this way you know what's out there. Vaginal deliver, C-section are the only ways the baby can come out, so read about the process.

Watch videos on Youtube about other girls who went through each type of delivery, then you'll get more confident about your delivery date.

And about the last name thing, well, that's really going to depend on if you are going to put the child's father on the birth certificate, and also, if you want the chid to have any ties to his/her fathers side of the family. But eiether way, you can't change who the father is, so why not go with the name...? Up to you..

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thank you for that ive been reading here and there being pregnant is really scary but i know in the end will be worth is even if it wasnt planned for me.
i guess i shall start reading up on things and getting overly imformed then need be
its just still all new to me, and when my mom and family members would talk to me i would have no idea what they are talking about

Kaitlin - posted on 06/19/2012




I was thrilled to be pregnant the first time, having been trying for over a year with my husband, but also petrified- you're growing a whole person and then they have to COME OUT OF YOU! AHHH!

The way I handled it was to do a few things- one, be way over prepared, I read every book, talked to my doc, asked all my friends. two, i told myself that for every person you see, someone, a woman, had to birth them- this is what our bodies were made for- literally! Our bodies know what to do, even if our brains don't, and if something unexpected happens, that's what modern medicine is for! and three- I didn't have a birth plan, but signed all the paperwork and was super informed. I had no idea what labor would be like, so I didn't want to set myself up for 'failure' or disappointment if something unexpected happened. Good luck!

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