20 week ultrasound and baby no show

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ok so my babe didnt show a lot of important things for the 20 week ultrasound. i have been asked to come back in a month for another look. they got the spine and heart rate and thats all. (both in good measure) did anyone else have this problem? is there anything that can be done to calm baby down before my next appointment? i had some coffee and was running around before my last appointment... did that cause my babe to wriggle and reel the whole time? i can feel movement almost all the tine, but i didnt know it was THIS much. advice or insight?

and the doctor said the constant movement is not bad, but does warrant his interest. My next appointment is the glucose screening. i dont know if that will make a difference...


Shanda - posted on 11/29/2009




I too, had an uncooperative little one at my 20 week ultrasound. She/he had her back to us the entire time! The ultrasound tech was able to see and measure everything except for the heart. I tried laying on both sides, standing up, etc. to try and get the baby to turn but to no avail. My doctor also scheduled another ultrasound at 24 weeks. (same appt. as my glucose screening) He reassured me everything else looked fine and measured what it was suppose to so I shouldn't have anything to worry about. I'm sure you shouldn't worry either as this happens quite frequently. The way I look at it is it gives me another opportunity to see my little one before she/he is actually here! Good luck and try to relax, as you getting worked up affects your baby too. Keep us posted!!

Jacinta - posted on 11/26/2009




Hey, at my 20week ultrasound my bub 2 be was a pain in the butt lol... it took extra long because he would move and they couldnt get what they needed so it took an trip to the toilet and also an extra 5 mins. It may have just been that they didnt have the time to wait for him/her to move. If it was seriouse i think they would have told you to get more tests. good luck and im sure all is alright.

Janet - posted on 12/30/2014




wow i just had my 20th week scan and the doctor stayed that long, i hope you had your baby with no complicatons , it will be a relieve for me if you can reply me..i'm beginning to get scared if the exposure was not too much for my baby.

Brandy - posted on 12/14/2009




Lol. Don't drink any coffee and try not to eat right before. Both my babies have been little movers and half the time it takes almost 5 minutes just for the doctor to find the heartbeat at our checkups because with both pregnancies, she would put the thing on my tummy and they would just start kicking it. And I hope you don't meant that your glucose screening is on the same day as your ultrasound because they get you to drink this really sugary drink which will really set your baby into motion.

Jessica - posted on 12/14/2009




I had the same problem at my 20 week u/s. They got most of what they needed but my LO was squirming so much that they couldn't get a couple shots of her heart. They asked me to come back a week later saying that she would have grown a bit more and hopefully it would be easier to get the shots they needed. So I went back, and we had the same problem. Finally, on my THIRD visit they were able to get what they needed. I think that dr's and hospitals just have to get clear views of every major organ/part for insurance purposes (probably to cover their own butts!) and to let us know if there are any potential problems. But of course it just makes us mommy's worry that something is wrong with our babies when it's really just a standard procedure for the dr/hospital.


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Nikki - posted on 01/01/2010




when i had my 20week scan it took the doctor over an hour and a half of me lying there on the bed because my baby was so active and they wanted to get everything. dont stress for the next one and tell the doctor to take as long as is needed to get everything.

good luck

Camisha - posted on 12/18/2009




If you are curious and want to know what your having they have them intelligender test that you can take at home. I just took one this morning because my little one wouldnt cooperate. Now that i know im having a girl im happy

Shellse - posted on 12/15/2009




for me the glucose test made my baby a little active, i've also noticed that when i have caffeine it makes my baby also flip around so it's very possible

Amy - posted on 12/14/2009




at mine my baby moved, but not enough to show us his "parts" so we couldn't figure out the gender. The only reason we did the ultrasound was to try to find the gender, our dr said that they don't do ultrasounds unless there show's to be a reason for one.

I also doubt the glucose screening would make a difference. Try not to have caffeine before your next apt as it can cause issues with trying to see the baby (that's what they told us at the birthing class).

Emma - posted on 12/14/2009




make sure the water u drink for ur ultersound is room temp cold stuff makes them wiggle my son was the same realy hard to do the ultersound tests cause he would get in the right position but he turned out fine as long as the heart hate is good i wouldnt be strssing to much good luck

[deleted account]

I had the same problem with my 2nd pregnancy.. My doc reminded me that in the old days there wasn't U/S so women had to wait till lil bee was born.. Yeah right!! Not me... the courosity in me was awful... I did find out he was a boy at 8months.... I told all my fam that I didn't know so they would be surprized.. I waited that long & got thru it so I figured I'd leave everyone else in the dark.. It was exciteing that way too

Jonelle - posted on 11/28/2009




yeah had to do that with my first babies scan constantly moved and was always on the back shouldn't have sent you away should have tried in half an hour or tried to empty your bladder a bit

Janis - posted on 11/27/2009




I am high risk and for several weeks received an internal ultrasound on a regular basis; it is nothing to worry about or feel uncomfortable with. A regular exam is way more embarrassing. You should eat breakfast before your glucose test. You should not be fasting. The first test you should only be drinking 50 mg of the sugar water. It can make you very ill. do not vomit otherwise you have to do it again. As long as you pass that one you are fine. If you fail it like I did you then need to take another test where you fast the night before and drink 100 mg. This second test usually takes 3 hours. They test your blood before you begin and then on the hour. if you have any questions about these tests, how they work and what the doctors are looking for go to Bing.com and look-up gestational diabetes. do yourself a favor slow down on fruit juice instead eat the actual fruit. Juice even if 100% enters your body mostly as sugar and elevates those levels. The juice also does not have the nutritional value that the fruit does. When eating the fruit, you receive the nutritional value, satisfy your sweet tooth and receive the fiber from the fruit. The fiber helps slow down the process of sugar absorbtion, which helps keeps your sugar levels down and the weight off. Caffine is terrible for the baby. If you can go without it then do so. Caffine dehydrates you and your baby. When you and or your baby become dehydrated you will feel the baby moving MUCH more and not in a good way. Plus with dehydration, you will feel more tired and of course your skin, hair and nails etc.. will not look nice. This goes the same for your baby. Ok I think I have went on long enough....Good luck with everything!

[deleted account]

i cant eat anything before my next appointment... guess thats a good thing. thanks for all your input. luck is what i need for sure though!

Alexis - posted on 11/25/2009




My babe moved a lot too, but we ended up being there for like 35+ minutes in order to get all the info they needed. I'm surprised they didnt wait and try again. If you have soda or sugar shortly before the appt, they are gonna move lots! lol =) I would try eating an hour or two before and having nothing but water 'til after the appt is over! =) Good luck!

Libby - posted on 11/25/2009




make sure you eat about 2 hours before your appointment. but no closer, my doctor tells me not to so he can catch the baby moving and not sleeping.

[deleted account]

ok, i called my clinic. the doctor got back to me right away. the person who did my ultrasound was a nurse pa and not the doctor who was there for twenty min to talk to me. he had an emergency day is what he said... ok, so HE will do the next ultrasound, and he is very good at it. he plays a lot of video games in his off time is how he explained it to me. he was upset to hear that it didnt go very well, and then he also offered an internal ultrasound if the abdominal one doesnt work. i hope hope hope that we dont need to go that far!!! he is very good though. he found some growths in my sisters uterus that he also removed and cured her pain. twelve other doctors couldnt even guess what was wrong. i guess he is very good. his partner saved my other sisters baby from incompetent cervix with no time to spare, she didnt know she was expecting and her baby was about to come. so all the doctors there are great, but he had two mother/baby situations that needed him more than i want to know the sex. he offered to set me up sooner but my husband wont be around until closer to Christmas and he knew that and that is why wanted all the appointments together and on the day they are. :) he wrote me a long e-mail to me and my husband about what to do before my next appointment, and he will do my ultrasound before the group glucose screen begins. he scheduled 45 minuets for the ultrasound. he also put on my chart that im not to be seen by nurses unless i understand that im being seen by a nurse.

Stacy - posted on 11/24/2009




At my 20 week, they needed to call in a different technician to get what they needed. My son was VERY uncooperative and the scan took over 45 minutes. They even had me go to the bathroom to hopefully give the baby more room to move. After enough time, he settled down and they were able to get what they needed (brain, spine, heart, leg measurements, etc.). We had a good laugh at my son's expense because he was definitely frustrating the technicians.

And I just went to Lab Corp for the glucose test, my doctor's office wasn't even involved except to write the order for bloodwork. I personally wouldn't do the ultrasound on the same day as the glucose screening - the stuff they made me drink made me feel sort of sick to my stomach.

Amy - posted on 11/24/2009




I only had one option to have an ultrasound, and my son didn't want us to know! He was just showing us his but, and when he moved around refused to show anything more.

[deleted account]

you make some very good points. humm, im gonna call them.

baby is a flutter almost all the time thought. i only have coffee in the morning every other day, and almost no sugars except fruit and if i dont eat well that day i have juice.

i wish the clinic would have told me some of what you said. but why are they putting the re scan with the glucose test? that is odd.

Stacie - posted on 11/24/2009




some babies dont want to show alot, but they should have tryed again in half and hour or some thing,

i had to do that as my baby was facing the wrong way.

its best not to drink coffee when havin scans as u have learnt baby was movin alot, drink water and if baby doesnt turn do some walking or jumping up and down thats what i did to turn my baby.

and as for the glucose screening baby will be wiggle around as it a sugar drink was bubs will be moving alot but they shouldnt be doing a scan when u do that test

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