3 months pregnant looks like 6 months!

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i had my first child march 2009 and with him, unless you looked at me from the side, you could not tell i was pregnant at all. i got very few stretch marks (which i thank palmers cocoa butter stretch mark cream for) and never looked super pregnant til i went into labor and they pumped me full or fluids! now, i am 3 months along with #2 and i look like im about 6 or 7 months pregnant. I DO NOT WANT TO END UP OVER 200LBS WITH THIS PREGNANCY AND I SEE IT HAPPENING! any advice????


Delta - posted on 03/30/2010




That was the same with me 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, never showed much at all that I was pregnant. I am 14 weeks today and it looks like I am 6/7 months pregnant not 4 months.

Chelle - posted on 03/30/2010




with my 1st i had a nice bump that popped out at about 4 or 5 months and grew at what i thought was a normal rate.

but this time my belly popped out at only 2 months! i looked much bigger then what i should have. i had friends comment that they think im further gone or im having more then one...but i had a scan at 12 weeks and only one baby and my dates were right. my growing seems to have slowed down because im 7 months now and all i hear from my mum and my partner is that im not as big as i was with my 1st by 7months.

Shama Marie - posted on 05/14/2013




so my littles sister is pregnant and she says she's 3 months but it doesn't look like she is showing what should i do

Jordan - posted on 05/15/2013




Usually with your second you show much earlier because your body has done it before. Every woman carries differently, as does each pregnancy differ.

Stephanie - posted on 03/29/2010




This is pretty normal. Im 27 weeks and slowing down in size but as soon as i got pregnant i got a belly and it just kept growing. I use the cocoa butter and bio oil and stretch marks keep popping up on my hips, which i never had with my 1st. I noticed everything happening twice as fast with this pregnancy so sounds like you will be too.


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i started at 117lbs with my first pregnancy and ended somewhere around 165. this one im starting at about 143 and i just keep thinking i wont have that little beach ball bump like last time, but thats what i get for getting pregnant again when my first child is only 9 months old!

and stretch marks were never really a problem for me.. my mom is a tiny tiny woman and is COVERED in stretch marks from being pregnant with me, she said she didnt get many when she was pregnant with my older sister. im thinking karma is going to get me there and tear me up this time!

im just going to have to realize that i didnt give my body adequate recovery time from my first pregnancy and im going to gain weight and stretch back out much easier than before.

Carolee - posted on 03/30/2010




I can officially say that I have been asked with BOTH my pregnancies, "How many babies are in there? Two or three?"!!! I've also been asked, "You're not going to go into labor, are you?" and "Are you eight months or nine?" when I have 4 MONTHS TO GO! I've only gained 15 pounds, though. It's just that you're carrying all in front with this one, while your first was a "hider".

Kate - posted on 03/29/2010




just keep eating healthy....you show much more quickly with a second pregnancy because everything has already stretched out and expanded once before.

Katherine - posted on 03/29/2010




it happens, with my first I didn't look pregnant at all, my second I was bigger and looked pregnant, this time I am huge people ask me if i'm having twins and there is only one baby in there

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