32 weeks and baby head down low in pelvis

Melinda - posted on 07/18/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )





This is my first baby and she is already in the head down low in the pelvis she has been head down since week 30 and she is just seems to be getting lower.
Iam just woundering if anyone else has had this before and if iam in for an early delivery.


Jennifer - posted on 08/05/2010




I'm 36 weeks 1 day today and baby girl has been head down since about 25 weeks along. I had a preterm labor scare last week and the doctor said I will never make it to my due date because her head is so low in my pelvis. She's at station +1. But so far I haven't had any more contractions or signs of labor. I'm thinking the doctor might just be wrong and that I will make it the next four weeks just fine.
There is no true guaruntee that bubs will come or not. I would simply say, as hard as it seems, to just take it easy and wait it out. You may deliver early or you may go over. It's so hard to say. Good luck and the best to you and your baby. =)

Delta - posted on 08/05/2010




I am too 32 weeks and my babys head has been head down for a few weeks now. The But this last week I have been so stressed out, and after last night I got so stressed out over my desktop computer cause my hubby was putting something behind the safe and the power cord and unplugged the whole computer set up, plugged it back in, the monitor was showing that it was loading back up but then shut off and can't get it to turn back on and I have so much stuff on my desktop computer that I hope I can get back. I will be stressed till that gets fixed. Now I am stuck on my laptop till then.


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PETA - posted on 08/05/2010




This is #4 bub for me, at 31 weeks now.
All my previous preg, were the same as you discribed, it is normal for babies to be head down. All my labours started with back pain, and B/Hicks, try and relax, but if you are concerned see your Dr.
As i said i'm 31 weeks, and my baby girls is laying really low, she hasn't come up past my belly button yet. They tell me she is growing normally. Just watch for labour signs.

Janvi - posted on 07/19/2010




hi....my baby was head down in the 28th week and now im in my 41st week....its my 1st baby too....so i dnt think there is anything 2wry....preterm labor is indicated only wen the head is engaged...so ask ur doc clearly wheater the position of the head is down or its getting engaged...:)))

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that happened to me too i also had a couple of preterm labor scares but i am 38 1/2 weeks so i think you will be fine just take it easy and relax. good luck!

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