32 weeks and bleeding this morning!

Alexandria - posted on 03/10/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




So i woke up this moring after having a great night sleep (which is not very normal lately, since i am 32 weeks pregnant and very uncomfortable) and had a shower. After the shower i noticed some blood, so went to the bathroom to check it out and sure enough i had started to bleed, not alot but some. So i put a pad on and continued to get ready for work, i checked again before i left for work and there was still some blood and now i am at work and went to the bathroom and it is just very faint. So what could cause this? Should i be worried? Should i go to the doctor now, or wait it out and see if it continues? I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, so should i wait till then and just tell my doctor about it or is it something i should get checked out sooner? At 25 weeks i expereinced some bleeding (less than this) and went to the doctor and then they sent me to the one in the city and they did a bunch of tests and stuff and found out that everything was ok. So i dont wanna go and then them tell me that i am just being silly and send me on my way again. The issue is .... i HAVE to work today, i am alone as my boss is on Vacation and they dont like me to close the office so i am worried about having to leave here and dont want to have to leave if it is not for a good reason, so i am looking for some imput please and thanks.


Danyella - posted on 03/11/2010




Bleeding doesn't always mean something is wrong, as I have learned in my current pregnancy. But it is always smart to call your doctor/nurse and let them know what you're experiencing.


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Mellissa - posted on 03/12/2010




I would call the doctor for sure, but I think maybe it could be your bloody show. Have you lost your plug yet? I had the same thing with my son and the nest day, what do ya know but here he came! But for sure, call your doctor and see what he says. Keep us updated and hope that everything is ok! Good luck!!

Rose - posted on 03/12/2010




I am preggo with number three right now and have always been told that if you have any spotting or bleeding you should call your doctor to see if you should come in. Im sure you have already seen your doctor by now though. I hope everything went well!

Whitney - posted on 03/10/2010




My office functions very very much the same way! That's crazy! So I know your position. If I were you, I would call your doctor and just describe it the way you did above and they'll be able to tell you if it's serious or not. And hopefully, if you hvae to leave work early and go in to the hospital, your boss, like mine, would understand that you came in and tried to stay and couldn't help having to close early.

Ta'LannaMonique - posted on 03/10/2010




hi, im 30 weeks and the same thing happed to me yesterday, my doc. sent me to the hospital... not thing was wrong but this far in you never know, its like every little thing you have to call the doc. just in case

Emma - posted on 03/10/2010




I wouldn't worry too much but be sure to tell your doctor asap as it could be serious especially so late on in pregnancy. However, some bleeding is normal.

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