34 weeks and still nursing 16 month old daughter

Trisha - posted on 11/20/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




just wondering if any other mothers are going thru this/ben thru this...i felt that weaning my daughter just bc i was preg again wasen't fair to her,i mean i wasen't planning on stopping soon anyway. But now at 8 1/2 months along im kinda wondering if i shud stop bc of her sister coming soon. Snuck up on me NEED ADVICE


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It's completely up to you. Tandem nursing is possible if that's what you want to do. I've read that tandem nursing can reduce jealousy in your older child. I have a 19 month old and I'm currently reading "Adventures in Tandem Nursing." It has tons of great info on nursing during pregnancy (which you're almost done with :)) and tandem nursing. Congrats on nursing and your new baby!


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Merry - posted on 11/27/2010




Headed there myself! I planned on two years between my kids and since I'm planning on natural weaning I expected to tandem feed for a while! I'm excited about it and really love seeing other moms doing it too! Our toddlers are very lucky to be still breastfeeding, that's all I can say!

I felt same as you, why should my son becut off just because I wanted another baby? That would feel like I'm replacing him, or he wasn't enough for me. I couldn't do it. So he gets his booby as long as he wants, he just wil have to share in a few months!

Hailey - posted on 11/24/2010




I tandom fed, its not so bad. A lot easier than making your first sad and confused :)

Deb - posted on 11/21/2010




Yes, I have been through this and tandem nursing is no where as hard as it sounds. Now have twins and that could be different. As long as the new baby gets the first milk and colostrum and then you nurse your older one all is fine.

When they get older it is for for comfort than the actual nutrition so it is a bit different. And no, suddenly stopping the nursing may not be pretty at all!

Trisha - posted on 11/21/2010




yes im pretty damn sure if i stopt her abruptly and started nursing the new baby she wuld deff freak out...

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