41 days since last period . Advise?

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Okay, so it's been 41 days since my last period. Last period was November 24th. I've had unprotected sex but that's okay because I am TTC. We've been having unprotected sex almost every other day. Last few weeks I have been feeling nauseous when it comes to certain food/smell. I use to eat ALOT and now, when I look at my favorite food, I wanna throw up. My stomach is tightening more & my breasts are swollen. I've had veins appear darker throughout the weeks, but I just thought because I'm so pale that maybe I'm dehydrated? I was googling a lot of information and I've got almost all the symptoms that pregnant women get in early pregnancy.

On January 2nd, I started to bleed light. Didn't need a pad but I did keep a panty liner on just incase if it did get all over. On the 3rd, I was bleeding a little heavy but not enough to fill a pad, just enough to cover a panty liner. Again, on the 4th it was a heavy flow but not like my normal period. On January 5th, it was lighter, and bright pink/red. Throughout the day it was like. Redish orange. On the 6th, it was a watery like pink/red. Very thin but still felt like I needed a panty liner. Now, yesterday ( Jan. 7th) It was still watery but ended with the red/pinkish color. I showered and noticed my panty liner was dark brown.. Like old blood maybe? But it's nothing else. No other color. Just brown. Today, the 8th, it's still brown on a panty liner. Now I'm confused because my I'm not sure if I'm having a late period or if I can I have implantation bleeding. My "period" has NEVER been like this before. Advise? I could really use some help.


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TTC can be a very emotional time and wanting to be pregnant can cause the body to have symptoms.

When I started out TTC (3 years ago) this happened all the time including light periods, nausea, food aversion, heightened sense of smell, etc. Anything I knew could be a symptom, I had it. I even had very light periods that consisted on no more than a few Tbsp of blood and only lasted 2 days.

I cannot tell you how many negative tests I had including blood tests or how many times I was 100% sure I was pregnant despite the negative tests... I wasn't. It was so disappointing because I always got my hopes up and it hurt so much.

I would like you to read this: http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/false-pr...

The only way to actually know is to have a positive urine/blood test or an ultrasound later on. You should read about ovulation and conception too. Maybe buy some ovulation tests as well, they sell them at the dollar store. You can also read about how to tell you're ovulating by observing discharge. I wish you all the best and hope you will get pregnant soon.

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