5 months pregnant, living with in-laws and sis-laws children, how to stay calm until we move out.

Karla - posted on 06/02/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm 5 months pregnant, have a toddler and live with my in-laws. They are great but my mom-in-law watches my sis-in-laws children (ages 1-4/m-f) We are moving out in 2-3 months but i just can't be calm, i stress alot because they are loud and its very difficult raising my child when they act up and do as they wish. My niece (4) screams when toys are taken away from her by her brother or my daughter, i love them but i get really annoyed especially since im pregnant. I get so angry because i can't vent either, if i talk to my husband he tries to calm me down but we end up fighting cause it's is sister and her children. It bothers me so much that my sis-law isn't strict with her children, when they get mad they throw things, scream and have pushed my daughter to the floor. I hold in my anger but its not good for me or my baby. So any advice for how to be calm and deal with this until we can move out.


Jessica - posted on 07/28/2013




I had a similar situation when my son was 18m, but i wasn't pregnant with my second yet. Honestly, I just hung out in my room. It was a little boring, and it was hard not to go insane but it kept me from doing anything stupid. Feel free to message me any time here or on Facebook. :)

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