8 more weeks till my due date and I just found out........

Stephanie - posted on 06/03/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




my daughter is breech! I'm so totally stressing that she wont flip in time for delivery! Which will totally throw off what Ive been working up to for delivery! This time around I wanted to labor mostly at home and go to the hospital when my water breaks, and try to go as long as I can without an epidural. I'm so worried that I'll be cut open and wont be able to pick up my 2 year old when my second daughter comes a long. also the recovery time! I don't know about where anyone else lives but where I live if you deliver vagionally you leave the hospital after spending 2 day in recovery and if you deliver via c-section your in recovery for 3 days! I went stir crazy in the hospital for 2 days last time, let a lone possibly 3!! Please if you have ever had a c-section bc of a breech baby, please help put my mind at ease and let me know how it went! thanks!


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Stephanie - posted on 06/15/2011




Thanks Ladies! I totally didnt know that crawling on the floor could prevent a sunny side up birth! Thats how my first daughter was born! and my goodness it was a bit painful! lol! But I must report that a week ago my daughter was head down! I'm so happy! Thanks for all your responses!!

Paula - posted on 06/11/2011




I actually gave birth vaginally to my first baby almost 19 years ago when you were allowed to try! Now i hear they will operate without even letting you try! Not sure how if this is true or not but I live in New Zealand, where do you live? My second was breech until 36 weeks and it just so happened that my car door broke and i was unable to open it from the inside so i had to get out up and over the gear stick and out the passenger side one day and when i stood up "whoosh the baby turn around when i stood up and engaged and felt like it was going to just drop right out onto the ground!" (i still had to push very hard though during labour, i might add). Anyway the midwife came that day and i said i think baby turned around and she said yes it had. I have him one week later at 37 weeks. My next birth was also early but a head down presentation.

Now 15 years on i have a new partner and my babies are all teenagers and its a different world to the world of 20 years ago. Now i hear they wont let you deliver breech and the midwife says its better to have an undiagnosed breech otherwise they will definitely make you get a caesarian! Good luck, with whatever happens, what will be will be, but do try crawling carefully on all fours and leaning forward when you sit and have lots baths floating upside down. All of these techniques may help to turn. I heard that the shaped of the uterus makes it more comfortable for the head to be down. So it may just turn whenever. My son that i delivered breech was 5 overdue and i went into labour naturally. But he only weighed in at 5 pounds 3 ounces. Ive always thought that maybe because his head was probably weighing not much more than the bottom half of him that maybe thats why he didnt turn because he was so little he had enough room to be the right way up! But hey who knows?!! :)

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You still have some time for the baby to move. For the last month my midwife told me to spend at least 15 minutes crawling around on my hands and knees each day in order to prevent a "sunny side up" birth. It's supposed to move the baby to a better position. Maybe that would help for breach, too. Good luck!

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try washing the floor on ur hands and knees it supposed to help them flip. i also heard that if u lay in a dark room with a flashlight pointed at the bottom of ur belly it will help them flip. doctors can also flip the baby inside u but i think it can be painful but u would have to talk to ur doctor about that

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There is still plenty of time for the baby to turn on its own before you deliver. And the doctor will check as well. If the baby is still breach by 37 weeks they will attempt to turn it so there is still good possibility you won't have to have a c section. Talk to your doctor about your concerns so they know what your plan is and they will work with you.

Susan - posted on 06/06/2011




I live in mass and i know here if the baby is breech by week 37 they will attempt to turn them at the doctors. The reason they wait until 37 weeks is because it can cause you to go into labor.

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