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So I have a 7 yr old, and now I'm 16 wks with baby number two... And I'm on the WIC program now.

Now, before I get crucified, I am a working mother, I just need the extra help. About a week or so before I found out about my baby, my hours at work were cut in half, and I only get paid on the 15th & 30th of the month, it's been REALLY hard ever since... SO ANYWHO...

I am on the WIC program, and upon my first food shopping with the checks I noticed something, that just doesn't sit well with me. First, let me explain my diet, I'm a vegetarian, while I allow my child to eat meat and such when he's with family or friends, in my house we're vegetarians. I also don't eat dairy, I only say I'm not vegan because I still eat eggs every now and then... And now, I've been walking further into my journey of eating healthy with only purchasing organic goods, and experimenting with the raw food diet. And my first child, who has an issue with his blood diagnosed as HSP, has been doing GREAT since I've made these steps with our diets, so I've been trying really hard to stick to it.

Upon my visit at the WIC office, I expressed all of this, I expressed my son's illness and how the diet does wonders for him, how I cannot digest milk or cheese. EVERYTHING.... But I still received mostly gallons of milk, and foods from non organic brands, or of low quality, and the least amount of money was dedicated to fruits and veggies.

Am I the only parent who notices this? Am I being ungrateful? Because help is help right? I want a bowl of cereal without wanting to curl into a ball and disappear after... and my son is starting to have nosebleeds again... Comments?


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WIC is mostly a dairy program. It is not meant to be a fruits and veggies program. WIC is not your food stamps program. WIC is a separate program to help women, infants and children get the dairy they needed in their diet when they were/are unable to afford it. WIC is a program, so there are only going to be certain brands and foods they have to give out. If you are wanting other brands or other types of food then you have to look into other programs out there. If you eat a lot of fruits and veggies you may want to look into growing your own. We are able to grow all our veggies and then either can or freeze them to eat throughout the winter months. We have also been planting fruit trees that are able to grow in our climate.

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