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So I switched doctors because my first doctor was horrible! I set up an appointment with my new doctor and I talked to her and she seemed a lot better. I set up an appointment for yesterday (4/9) and she ended up being sick. I don't blame her for that, but I called to reschedule and they said it would be another like two weeks until I could come in. I am not sure if I am overreacting but it will be almost 2 months since I have seen a doctor by then and I will be in my third tri like next week and I think I should be seen sooner than two weeks esp since my third tri is coming up super fast!??!?! What is everyone elses opinions?? My mom was outraged because she said everyone is always stressing about how you need good prenatal care, but they won't get you in for an appointment within the next week! My husband is also stressed because I have been having a lot of problems and it seems like all the doctors keep pushing back and giving me no answers! Up to this point I almost feel as if I have been doing this whole thing alone with no prenatal care besides the u/s and blood tests......should I call and ask them to make the appt sooner or is it ok to do it in two weeks.....I am just so frustrated and stressed out now....


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That can be very frustrating.. :(

I didn't get in to see a doctor for the first time until I was 16 weeks!
It was an absolute joke what they put me through.

I didn't even get an ultrasound until I was 19 weeks and the woman was an extreme cow!
She would NOT let me see the baby on the screen, point-blank told me "I wasn't allowed" but my husband was allowed to see the baby.. pissed me off, seeing that we're not interested in the gender of the baby.. just wanted to see him/her :/

Prenatal care is very important, but if you can't get in when you need to to get in.
while I was waiting I kept taking my Materna Prenatal Vitamin daily, and ate healthy and got a bit of excercise in where I could..

I was scared too that something was going on with my baby when the delays to even GET a doctor were so ridiculous.. but when I finally found one and got the ball rolling, things have been really good.

some problems I had went away on their own.. I can't explain why, but my best guess is hormones and just how the body is adapting to pregnancy

I kept a little diary of everything that was going on, and that might help you too!

hope things look up for you and you and baby get what you need!
Good luck!

Lauren - posted on 04/14/2010




I was so upset at the time I made my husband call haha dumb pregnancy hormones. I have been so sick and having so many problems and I am in the same boat. I am just way too wiped out to even fight with them right now. The appt is now only a week away and I will get angry if they do this again esp now since it is my third tri....

Amber - posted on 04/13/2010




I completely know how you feel. My first doctor I felt wasn't doing everything he should be so I got a new doctor then got pneumonia and had to reschedule the doctors appointment and they put it for 2 weeks and I am like seriosly? I am just comming into my third trimester and I am recovering from pneumonia you don't think you can schedule me a little sooner than that. But my advice is talk to the nurse or the doctor cause receptionist aren't always too bright.

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A lot of times, when you first go to see a doctor, they have to set aside a certain ammount of time (longer than the usual 5-15 minutes that they usually schedule for... usually about 30-45 minutes). They really could be that booked. You've already had the blood tests and an ultrasound, so as long as everything was okay, I think it would be okay to wait. I couldn't get any prenatal care until I was in my second trimester due to insurance issues, and everything is fine. I make sure to take care of myself and take my prenatal vitamins every day. When I started going, they had an ultrasound and did blood tests, and everything is exactly how it should be. It's okay. Your body automatically knows how to grow the baby. As long as there were no big problems at your last visit with the other doctor, it will be fine. I don't think there should be any difficulty with scheduling after this first time.

Angela - posted on 04/10/2010




If you're really concerned and there is actually a problem - call the new dr and tell the office staff. If you tell them that you really feel you should be seen sooner and that you haven't been seen in two months I'm sure they'll try to get you in sooner. Did you ask if there was any way to be seen sooner? I was always getting rescheduled with my dr because there were emergency cases or I was getting bumped for higher priority cases. I didn't really mind because I knew one day I would probably be the one making my dr late for someone else's appt, and she was in high demand because she was that good. Tell the office staff what you're thinking and feeling, and I bet they'll try to get you in to make you and the dr feel better about your situation. hope this helps!

Lauren - posted on 04/10/2010




I hope I can even get in biweekly. I am pretty high risk for developing issues with the size of the baby and what not because I have a lot of medical issues as well as asthma, which I couldn't breath one night last week and I even called and told them I was anxious to get in because I have been having so many problems and they had to cancel and then didn't let me get in until the earliest at 2 is mainly just scary!! Two weeks seems like a long time to wait esp since I am worried about my little boy!

Jael - posted on 04/10/2010




Once u get to ur 3rd tri though, your actuallly going to start seeing her bi-weekly. then every week. so i would't stress about it. since your not high risk. If there a big problem you can always call and ask to see the nurse practioner...

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