advice about using castor oil for labor induction...please...

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Any advice and/or stories relating to knowledge and experience with using castor oil for labor induction...please...


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Can I take castor oil at 24 weeks and it not gonna kill my baby

Jessica - posted on 03/06/2010




I took it when I was 38 weeks with my daughter. It worked!! I took it and immediately followed it with orange soda. If you don't follow it with something, it probably will make you sick. I had my daughter 6 hours later. It does clean you out which can be a good thing when you are pushing because you usually end up pooping at the same time.

Erin - posted on 03/06/2010




As several ladies have said it can cause diarhhea. The castor oil works by relaxing the bowels which in tern releases hormones which can stimulate labor. This can also be severly dehydrating depending on the severity of the diarhhea, which if you're hoping to avoid IVs at the hospital isn't a good thing: at least make sure to drink plenty! of water if you do go this route. I have heard from multiple sources that it can cause the baby to have a bowel movement in utero but am not as certain of how this happens: personally I wouldn't want to take the chance.

You can take evening of primrose oil capsules for about a week to ripen the cervix, or if you're past your date you can open the capsule and use a finger to apply it directly to the cervix (I would use this more in the case of rigid OS when labor is actually imminent). The massage points to stimulate labor are around the ankle and wrist, as well there is a good one on the top of the hand deep in the web between the thumb and the first finger, and the two little dimples on the small of the back are good to induce labor as well. Don't use any of the accupressure points unless you're past term.

Red Raspberry leaves contain oxytocin which causes mild contractions in the uterus, as well they are astringent which helps to tone the smooth muscle making the uterus more efficient.

Blue and Black Cohosh in conjunction can be used to induce labor, and motherwort is a good herb to help regulate contractions if you've started but they are slow and irregular. These last herbs I would look into more or you can message me for proper doses, they are a bit stronger than the raspberry leaves so take a bit more care with their use.

Walking walking walking!!

And I really believe in affirmations and the power of thought, so I'd try some simple breathing techniques, calming yourself down, and try saying to yourself outload that you and your baby are ready for birth.

Take care! Congrats and good luck!

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I wouldnt do it ive heard it can make baby come out too fast and can b dangerous as sometimes the cord is wrapped round babys neck and if baby comes out too fast there isnt enough time for midwives/doctors to do anything ang can result in strangulation

Emily - posted on 03/04/2010




I'm 39 weeks with baby #4 and had thought about castor oil too.
I did some research and will absolutely NOT be taking it!
Google it, you'll be surprised what comes up.
Though it all might work ok for some women there are some real horror stories out there and I'd much rather not take the risk. The wait will be over eventually and until then I'll just be trying the other things these lovely ladies have suggested, things I know for certain wont harm my baby.
Good luck to you whatever you decide to do :o)


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Ana - posted on 09/07/2013




Don't do it. Give you the runs, and sometimes babies are born with their own poop because it gives them the runs too.

I have an 8month old, I thought about it too 8 months ago.. but I ran into this bit of info and left it alone.

Charli - posted on 03/05/2010




I tried it and it didn't work for me, it just gave me the runs, not as bad as I expected though. However my mum used it and it worked for her, I think it is just a 50/50 thing. In regards to it making baby have a bowel movement, thats not anything to do with the castor oil as it doesn't cross the placenta, if you go past your due date, baby is more likely to make a bowel movement. Try some clary sage oil in a bath, about 10 drops and sex! I'm not sure if it was coincidence or not but I think it got things moving along for me, I'd been having contractions on and off for a couple days and went for a long walk sunday, had 2 baths with clary sage oil and sex the same evening. My waters went at 6 the following morning, labour started at 7 and I had my little girl at 16.46 the same day :) I was 3 days over due. Hope this helps x

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Don't do it! My aunt told me a story of when she did. She said she had alot of pain but no labor! She was miserable for a week.

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I agree Cheryl, and also bouncing up and down on a birthing ball can help to bring the baby's head down, as can nipple stimulation (for a VERY long time) apparently. This is because during breastfeeding you release a hormone to help your womb contract back down to size. Oh, and eating pineapple or curry. Most of these are old wives tales I think, to be honest, although sex is true as semen contains prostaglandins which help soften and ripen the cervix. An orgasm causes contractions in the womb which may help to start labour contractions (thats if you feel up to it at full term hehe) xxx

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UGH!!! It's so gross! There are plenty of other ways you can naturally try to induce labor- I'd pass on that one!
1 foot rub by someone who knows where to rub- massage therapist
2 herbal tea made by someone who knows what to put in it- a local natropathic doctor or herbalist
3. sex ;-) Isn't that how it all started in the first place?!?!!?
4. sucking your thumb- stimulates your pituitary gland to release hormones
5. walks and walking up and down stairs
6. carefully raising your arms up, stretching your sides and abs (what's left of them ;-)
7. stretching or rubbing the membranes- I would only have an OB or midwife do this, you don't want to rupture the membranes (ie the lip of your cervix)

Good luck!!!

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Its not going to hurt the baby and if you dont take half the bottle you should be fine as far as BMs go. I took it didnt have any problems with BM. A baby can have a BM from the stress of the labor, it would really have nothing to do with Castor oil. You just need to realize it might take time as opposed to happening right away. I've heard of women nearly ODing on the stuff cause they drank the hole bottle. and just make sure your baby is far enough along. If you take to much it will make you sick, probably not going to kill you but the girl I knew who drank the hole bottle thought she was going to die. it can work but might not.

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I used Castor Oil with my first son at 38 weeks upon advice from my OB since my husband was leaving for overseas and to this day I am not sure if the castor oil made my little one come or if I was just ready. I will tell you that a couple hours after I took it I had horrible bowel movements. But to be honest, I am glad I had them before because then I didn't have to go once I was in labor. I took 2 tablespoons every hour for 2 hours starting at 2 pm. If you do it make sure you are full term and your OB knows about it! At 6 pm my water broke and 26 hours later (castor oil tends to make you have a prolonged delivery) my son was born! I am 24 weeks pregnant now and I will not take the castor oil with this pregnancy just because I am more aware of what happens when you do take it. I know you hear this a lot I'm sure but just enjoy the free time you have now without having to worry about a baby. You honestly probably won't understand this until after your baby is born but your free time is so precious!! Oh, and if you do take it...get the tastless kind otherwise you will just throw it right back up since the thickness and taste do not taste very good. Good Luck!

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I know someone who used it and it caused her daughter to have a bowel movement in utero, which she inhaled. She was in the hospital for weeks with an infection and did almost pass away. I personally would never consider it as an option and would prefer with go with noninvasive things such as plenty of walking and yoga.

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I really know nothing about inducing labor. I mean with my first daughter two years ago I was induced at the hospital with potocin. I have read allot of threads about women wanting to induce there own labor, and I know that is really not recceomended. I mean if you are in communication with your dr and they have a suggestion for you that is safe then that is differnt. I know there some nipple techinique that helps with that, as well as sex how that can casue or bring on contractions and the sperm can I think help with effacing/thining. So I would suggest talking with your dr, as for castor oil I have herd it used allot, like its an old time method. My grandmother did it with one of her children im not sure if it was my dad or not. But it worked for her and they did it there at the hospital. That is all I know however, sorry Im not allot of help but I thought I would post what did come to mind. Take care, be safe, and most of all Good luck!

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