Already loosing weight.

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With my daughter I lost about 20 lbs by week 32, after that point I was able to gain a bit, but I still netted a negative gain.

I'm about 6 1/2 weeks along and I've already lost 3 lbs. I eat as much as I can stomach and take my vitamins. I rest as much as my toddle permits. But nothing is stoping it.

My daughter came out a normal weight and with no problems. But I didn't even loose weight this early with her or this much this quickly.

I'm not a tiny person by any means, but it still causes for some worry.


Rebekah - posted on 05/06/2011




I'm 18 weeks pregnant and so far I've lost 12lbs. I've always heard it's VERY common to lose weight (or gain nothing) in the first trimester and make up for it later. I'm a pretty small person and my midwife was not concerned at all.

Lyndsey - posted on 05/05/2011




I wouldn't worry too much I lost weight with all three of my pregnancies i lost 1 1/2 stone with my first boy 1 stone with my girl and 2 stone when pregnant with my twins as long as you are eating properly you should be fine but if you are really worried talk to your doctor !!

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