Annoying mom who cant take a hint? advice?

Dezzy - posted on 12/29/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My mom only had one kid (me) and so I find it hard to ask her for advice anyways, but whenever I do, she gets mad at me because I dont do EXACTLY what she tells me to every time. She got violently angry and broke things when i told her i wanted just me and my husband in the delivery room (because she is so mean to him and bossy to me it stresses me out) and said if anything she should be the only one in there and im going to regret it if my husband ever leaves me.
Im naming my daughter after her and she consistently spells it wrong even though i have told her over and over the proper spelling, im soo close to just changing the name when she is born, she also gets mad if i wont let her kiss my stomach or sing to it in public (im almost 8 months) it is just embarrassing.
she has even gone as far as to tell my husband (the father) that he doesnt have a say in the birthing plan and has no reason to get defensive about the baby because he isnt doing the work to make her and that I am not allowed to let my child see my dad (they arent together). I am 19 years old and live on my own with my husband, I dont feel like she has the right to say these things.
I have asked her several times to stop that she is crossing lines and i dont appreciate it and she literally throws a fit and screams at me that she doesnt want to talk to me or says something like "whatever! be a b**ch and dont let me see my granddaughter! i dont give a f**k anyway"
I have never said anything of the sort to her.
Anyone else have this problem or advice?

she is causing problems with my relationship and my confidence.


Michelle - posted on 12/29/2012




She sounds extremely abusive and I would take a step back and definitely not let her have a great deal to do with your little one.

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