Any moms had a breach baby flipped by OBGYN ?

Michelle - posted on 05/26/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




I went for my 28 week check up today and have known for the past 2 months our son is breach . I asked her today if he doesn't flip on his own , what route will be take . She said it is possible to "flip" a breach baby and they have ways to take care of things. I am also well aware that some babies will literally flip just hours before labor .

Any moms out there who has went through this before ? What am I facing if he doesn't flip on his own . I already know about doing a C-section for delivery , but just looking to see what other's expirences were and what ways were used on you to try to get the baby to turn .

Thanks !!!!


Michelle - posted on 01/17/2011




Baby is 5 Months old today. He finally flipped just before 32 weeks and BOY do I remember him flipping! My whole stomach moved for quite some time and it hurt like crazy when he finally did flip, but much less than I would imagine the alternatives medically!
We had an induced labor that lasted literally 2 hours from them breaking my water, to him coming out. Can't say it was uneventful because he decided some where along the way to cover his face with his hand. thus getting himself stuck and me birthing him arm first..... after they poked, prodded and even tried to push him back in, flip him this way and that and other oddities!

Brianna - posted on 01/13/2011




i heard that if you wash the floor on ur hands and knees it will make baby flip.

Kristin - posted on 05/27/2010




I had to have our second child turned. They give you a med to get your uterus all nice and super relxed. They do an ultrasound to really be sure of positioning. Then, they turn the baby. It didn't really hurt so much as felt like a lot of pressure to me. I just took deep breaths and told them when it felt like things were getting hung up. In all, it took about 2 to 3 minutes to turn him. I suppose it might hurt more if baby is rotated in a way to make it challenging to get a good grip(?) to turn them or if you don't relax and just let it happen. A C-section is a definite possibility with this. As is the possibility of going into labor.

I am 5 days away from my due date with our 3rd and final child. This one was also breach. I went in to turn it and after prepping me for all possible outcomes and getting the meds on board, we found it had already turned. So, the can do it at just about any time. They wanted me to spend lots of time on my hands and knees. It gives the baby more room to perfect the acrobatics and turn.

For me, the decision came down to having older kid(s) and recovering from a C-section with no help other than husband for about a week. I don't care how safe a C-section can be. It is still MAJOR abdominal surgery with serious requirements for recovery. I had to try to turn the baby to be okay with the possibility of a C-section. It's the same this time. My doctor even has me flagged as needing to be given an ultrasound when I go up to check in after labor starts. She doesn't want me to have to go through hours of labor and hard labor just to have a C-section anyway.

I really wouldn't worry too much about it until you are 34-36 weeks. But definitely talk to your doctor about what happens and what the possible consequences of having or not having bub's turned. Either way, do what is best for you and your situation.


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Mia - posted on 01/24/2011




Accupuncture works but sometimes even when they are turned, they can turn right back again which is what happened to my poor mum! My no.2 son was full breach, but this was a big surprise to everyone including my OB & he was delivered vaginally as too late to do a c-section. Turning them can also bring labour on can't it??

Kylie - posted on 01/20/2011




my 2nd baby was turned at 36 or 37 weeks, i found that it didnt hurt at all and only took a minute or so...

Caroline - posted on 01/18/2011




hey, my son (2nd) pregnany was breech, i did go 4 a scan to see if he could be turned, around 30 weeks, anyways obgyn did try his best, he has performed over 2000 flips n he said this lil one is not gonna turn, so i was put down for an elected c-section, but my son broke my waters a week early n i had 2 go for a emergency c-section, all in all it was very different 2 my fisrt born normal; delivery, but i wouldnt change it 4 the world. good luck hope it works for u hun. xx

Stifler's - posted on 01/16/2011




You're 28 weeks. My baby didn't get into position until like 38 weeks! I wouldn't be getting in a flap. I've heard being on your hands and knees helps them turn though.

Amy - posted on 01/11/2011




My baby was breech until 34 weeks, i think it was. You HAVE options. go to There are exercises on there to help flip, but at 28 weeks, i wouldn't worry just yet. Manually turning a baby is quite uncomfortable from what I hear, but way better than being split open. Play music by your pubic bone - babies are curious and will usually go towards it. Mine flipped because I was on my hands and knees scrubbing my floors because my mop broke and then WHOA, I knew that baby was turning!! Got an ultrasound my last week of pregnancy - yep - head down. Depending on size of baby, my doc said babies under 6.5 pounds can be delivered breech. ??? If you have a chiropractor, there is something called a Webster technique. Helps adjust your spine and hips so baby has more room to flip. really check out though!

Jessica - posted on 01/11/2011




I was wondering the same thing! I was told they would turn baby, but had no clue what it would feel like... my first child was fine but huge and took a loooooooong labor to get him out, this one so far every time I go in they say he is breech but they will try and turn him before doing anything...

Michelle - posted on 05/27/2010




WOW , that is something I didn't even think about with the thought of having a C-section ..... What things would be like for me after I got home and had the weight of the world back on my shoulders ! Hard enough to get help being this far along , let alone having major surgery .
I know some babies turn at the very last minute. This will be #6 baby for me , and my first breech during the pregnancy . All my others were in the correct position at my 20 week ultrasounds .
I am hoping he turns on his own , but thankful for all that have answered so I know what to expect if he don't.
Thanks !!!

Mindy - posted on 05/27/2010




I have heard that having your doctor turn the baby hurts, and if its not done right it can hurt the baby. My ex mother in law had to have her yougest turned out of breech position, she told me that it was VERY painful. So If I were you,.. I would just wait and see what the baby does on his own. If he doesnt turn, go for a c-section. Id rather be in pain than to think that someone is hurting my baby. BUT!! Were not all the same, and it might not be painful for others. So just do some research and you decide what is best for you, and your baby. My son was breech and turned at 35 weeks. That was EXTREMELY painful for me. Then I delivered him at 42 week!! lol Out of my 3 kids, he was the only one that I went through it with. Good luck to you!! You will chose what is best for you and your son!!

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My husband was a breech baby and the midwife turned him, my mother in law nearly gave birth on the bus on the way home though, she wasnt amused and neither was the bus driver.

PETA - posted on 05/27/2010




My son was breech from 26 weeks. The doctor told me accupunture helps some times. I went along to see what they could do. They did there thing with needles. Then told me to sleep, with my legs up, ( so they said sleeping on an ironing board) I did this, and that night he turned. Then he turned back breech again. They told me if he didn't turn head down to go back.

So off i went again, they did there thing again, and said once again to sleep with legs elevated. So i did. He turned, it was so uncomfortable, but he didn't have much room. Then he was really too big to turn breech again.

I had him feet first. I was so releived.

Good luck

Hope you son turns

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