anyone else have bad leg pain in early pregnancy?

Brianna - posted on 01/10/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am almost 6 whole weeks pregnant. Ive been having horrible leg pain. some night i get muscel spasms but last night i had weird leg pain. it didnt feel like a spasm and it was my one entire leg was throbbing in pain! i was enough to make me cry.. i got up walked around a lil bit and drank some water and went back to bed thinkin if i fall asleep i wont feel the pain.. so i did fall asleep and when i awoke 3 hours later the pain was gone? is this normal? has anyone else had problems like this?


Corinne - posted on 01/24/2012




I had this through out my entire pregnancy. I can say I feel your pain and it sucks when it happens. There is no real way to get rid of it. My OB just suggest stretching my legs really well everynight before bed time kinda like getting ready to work out I suppose. I only got the feeling in my calf muscles though. She also told me when the pain hit to flex my foot out or in whatever made it feel better. The stretching seemed to help it not happen as often and I also started drinking more water which I guess helps a lot of you are even slightly dehyrated so. Hopefully it gets better for you and my tips help a little

Cheyenne - posted on 01/13/2012




I'm almost 6 whole weeks too! i havent had any leg pains jus cramps here and there that feel like growing pains or arthritis but goes away after awhile I'd say its normal as long as it goes away but mention it to your dr. and let them know what is going on just so you're in the clear!


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Erica - posted on 01/18/2012




That happened to me at the beginning of this pregnancy (im 20 weeks now) i found taking a bath and then laying down with a pillow between my legs helped. It will eventually go away cause mine went away around 12 weeks or so

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