are nightmares normal?

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I have been having the WORST nightmares and really messed up dreams during my pregnancy. It makes me nervous because I don't want that negative energy attaching itself to my son (who is still in the womb). Is this normal? Does anyone have any advice on how to have better dreams? Please, let me know!


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I'm on my 2nd baby. I had horrible nightmares with my first and with this one too. My daughter is the happiest baby ever and there is nothing negative about her. I think they are a normal part of the hormonal changes you go through. Hang in there.

Carolee - posted on 03/20/2010




Nightmares are COMPLETELY normal. They happen to almost every pregnant woman. I have them to the point where I wake up crying! It's just your brain's natural way of working through your fears. And don't worry, bad dreams are personal, not emotional, so they don't effect your baby except for the occasional adrenaline rush.


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KaSandra - posted on 03/23/2010




i have horrible nightmares and i wake up crying i am pretty sure it is normal and i wish there was a way to stop it also. i dream about losing my baby she is my first and i am 27 weeks and 1 day along or i dream that the my fiance cheats on me or leaves me. i know i worry about him cheating sometimes (even though i know he never would) but i always talk to him about it so its not on my mind. so i think the dreams are just making your worries and fears visual... which can suck!

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Yes very normal im on my fourth baby and few weeks ago i dreamt that my three year old drowned and i couldnt save him. It was the worst dream ive ever had i felt sick when i woke up.

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Very normal! Especially with the hormones flying left and right. And of course the endless numbers of things going through our minds every day getting ready to welcome a new life into the world - if your stressed about it, it can make the dreams/nightmares even worse!

Ashley - posted on 03/22/2010




I have been having alot of nightmares too. And it wont even really be about the baby. It will be about stupid stuff, kinda like a scary movie or something, but i wont watch a scary movie the day before. I dont get it. Hopefully itz normal to have nightmares.

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I think you have fears that you are keeping hidden. Maybe you are just nervous about the upcoming labor and delivery or maybe being a mom scares the crap out of you. Either way, yes the dreams AND the fears normal. It is ok and as long as you don't dwell on the dreams throught the day or focus too much of your attention on them.... everything including your unborn son's psyche should be just fine.

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TOTALLY NORMAL!!! We all get them, and sometimes they're hard to 'shake off'.

Dreams of baby getting hurt, or daddy cheating or even worse, the end of the world, terrorist, etc. They're just our brain sorting through fear/anxiety.

The best advice I can give - be careful what you watch on TV. Maybe try to avoid watching news, especially horrible events like the Haiti earthquake, etc.

Other vivid dreams are normal too. I even had one where my aunt was trying to get me to smoke Strawberry Shortcake-flavored cigarettes while pregnant. They were dark pink with light pink filters. (I don't smoke). Talk about weird. LOL.

Hope that cheered you up. :)

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Yes! They are! I keep having dreams that my baby is BALD, just like my fiance! WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!

Jennifer - posted on 03/20/2010




I believe it is quite normal. I am prego with my 2nd child & I have some of the strangest dreams! Whether it be sexual dreams, my hubby cheating on me or leaving me, or something really random!

Keely - posted on 03/20/2010




You are not alone in this! I have them all the time, and from what ive researched its rather normal in pregnancy because of all the stress and anxiousness you are feeling!
Im not too sure if there is anything to prevent this or make them any better but i just suggest maybe wind down before bed have a nice relaxing bath, ask the other half for a massage etc so you go to bed all refreshed and stress free, who knows it may help :)
Fingers crossed and good luck x x x

Rose - posted on 03/20/2010




this is a really good question i have been having nightmares to. I wish i knew how to control it but i don't. I know that you dream because your not fully asleep and resting. Its hard to control your sleep cycle when your prego cause your up and down going pee making sure your not sleeping on your back and worried about if your ready to be a parent or not. My dreams are usually about terrorists attacks and my husband cheating on me go figure something i am subconsciously worried about.

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